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International Conference "Improving population quality: International and suggestive experiences for Vietnam"


On the morning of August 9, 2019, at Hall 3A, House B, Head Office No.1 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Institute of Sociology of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (Academy) International Conference with the theme: "Improving population quality: International and open experience for Vietnam" attended by many international scholars from Senshu University, Japan; The Polish Academy of Sciences and Vietnamese scholars come from specialized research and training units, university lecturers and leadership representatives of the General Department of Population (Ministry of Health) ...

Prof. Dr. Dang Nguyen Anh, Vice President of the Academy (sitting in the middle) took a photo with the participants of the Conference

Speaking at the Conference, Prof. Dr. Dang Nguyen Anh, Vice Chairman of the Academy stated: In the progress of the country, improving the quality of population is one of the important factors, contributing to ensuring human resources for economic development. - society. Therefore, the organization of the Seminar has a very important meaning to learn and analyze international experiences, thereby suggesting to Vietnam feasible and synchronous solutions towards improving quality. The population serves the country's sustainable development goals during the current period of industrialization and modernization and industrialization 4.0.

Through 2 sessions; Session 1: Improving population quality. Session 2: Quality of human resources in Vietnam, participants discussed many related issues. According to Assoc. Nguyen Duc Vinh (Director of the Institute of Sociology) Population and resources in Vietnam are currently faced with many consequences related to reduced fertility, the sex ratio at birth is higher than the natural level, with Significant differences in fertility by geographical area and groups; population growth rate decreased sharply. Vietnam is also facing the risk of population aging ... Therefore, in order to develop sustainably, Vietnam needs to make the most of its population potential. At the same time, limit and respond to unfavorable impacts of demographic fluctuations. In order to do that, it is not necessary to let fertility drop too low, leading to an aging population that is too fast; Reduce the situation of sex ratio at birth; Take advantage of the period of golden population structure to improve the quality of population, quality of human resources, increase labor productivity, accelerate the process of industrialization and modernization in the context of CMCN 4.0 ...

Assoc. Nguyen Duc Vinh presented his speech at the Conference

Highlight the role of higher education in human resources Prof. PhD. Hiroshi Kaneko and Prof. Dr.. Katsumi Shimane from Senshu University, Japan, shared, on the basis of announcing the "Strategy to improve national university management capacity" in June 2015, the reform of higher education at Japan has come in depth, with the expected goal of this educational reform will become a driving force for social transformation and everyone can feel the role of higher education high.

The Japanese Ministry of Education has advocated reforms to make Japanese universities a place to provide higher quality education with good quality and diversity, and the ability to open up opportunities for receiving higher education. For young people who have aspirations and ability to study, both become lifelong learning places - provide opportunities for retraining and advanced training for those who have gone to work, promoting the reception of tourism. Foreign students, improve the quality of higher education. The Japanese government has made investment policies for higher education, making universities in Japan become training institutions capable of providing globalized human resources, operating on the national stage. sacrificing high quality human resources to create new values ​​for humanity.

At the same time, universities are also a place of intensive professional training with vast social knowledge. This is the basis for creating spectacular future leaps of Japan. In addition, universities in Japan also play a role in solving problems through research, while promoting production activities, production sectors in each locality, creating knowledge and value. new with active leadership role in the community.

Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Kaneko spoke at the Conference

Re-refer to the outstanding issues of human resource quality, from the perspective of recruitment and use of human resources in small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duc Chien said that education and professional qualifications of most SMEs are still low (Ministry of Planning and Investment 2015), most of the workers are lack of skills or scarcity, lack of workers Skilled work. In addition, the employer also arbitrarily sets strict regulations and takes it as a basis for arbitrarily disciplining labor; workers who have no working style, are still arbitrary, negligent, lack of self-awareness, have no cooperative spirit in their work; Unemployment or negligence in work is still happening in almost all employers.

In the current context, the increase in the number of SMEs has played a key role in economic development in Vietnam, creating breakthrough changes in job structure transformation and settlement. get many social problems. In particular, the integration and impact of CMCN 4.0 has opened new opportunities and also made human resources in Vietnamese SMEs face challenges emerging in the global competitive environment.

Thus, it can be seen that, with the direct discussion, the discussion and exchange ideas have clarified many important factors that greatly affect the quality of population in Vietnam. Through international lessons discussed, scientists have pointed out ways and solutions that are highly feasible. Especially the issue related to education reform towards training content is closer to practical work needs, and also requires close links between research institutions, training institutions and applications. Recruitment, contribute together to create high quality human resources to effectively serve the current development of the country in Vietnam.

Pham Vinh Ha


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