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COVID-19 pandemic, we will definitely win !


The fourth outbreak with a dangerous Delta mutation, with a very fast transmission speed, spread to many provinces and cities in the country with the largest scale ever and is still developing unpredictably. In particular, the epidemic has penetrated deeply into the community in many areas of Ho Chi Minh City and some southern provinces, with a very high number of cases, causing great damage to human life, health, directly and seriously affect people's lives and socio-economic development. Faced with this situation, on August 6, 2021, the Government issued Resolution 86/NQ-CP on urgent solutions in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Meeting to implement COVID-19 prevention and control in the locality (Photo: Internet).

The COVID-19 pandemic, with the emergence of new strains capable of spreading faster and more dangerously, continues to develop complicatedly in many localities, has seriously affected socio-economic development and the lives of the people. The epidemic may be prolonged and is posing a great challenge to us in epidemic prevention and control and efforts to recover and develop socio-economically. Resolution No. 86/NQ-CP was issued at the right time and therefore very practical. Practical because life is in dire need of it, practical because it is specific, detailed, close to the complicated epidemic situation and the requirements of epidemic prevention and control at this time. The resolution is practical because it evaluates the situation in a specific way. Then, depending on the situation and developments of the epidemic, on that basis, there is an assignment and decentralization in the direction of upholding the rights and responsibilities for localities, specific tasks for ministries, branches and localities for the head of each unit.

As the call of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong dated July 29, 2021 to compatriots, comrades, soldiers nationwide and our compatriots abroad to unite and fight the COVID-19 pandemic to activate the tradition country, the spirit of solidarity, solidarity, mutual love, efforts to overcome difficulties, our nation in prevention, COVID-19 fight against the epidemic and recovery, economic development, ensuring social security and people's lives. Fighting the epidemic is like fighting against the enemy, that slogan shows the strength and effectiveness of the whole political system in the fight against the epidemic. The resolution also pointed out that, although there have been remarkable results, the situation is still very complicated, especially in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces. People's health and life is the first and foremost issue. The resolution also encourages those on the front lines to fight the epidemic, encourages the results achieved, and also points out shortcomings and weaknesses that need to be overcome soon. As the Resolution clearly shows, in the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic, many agencies and units have not taken it very seriously, have not been very decisive, have not actually implemented the measures as prescribed, even In some places, there are still subjective, negligent, and lack of enthusiasm in the implementation of inspection and supervision, and the organization of implementation is still a weak and slow stage to be overcome, especially at the grassroots level in some localities...

The practical resolution is also that it has set out specific solutions and specific goals. Ho Chi Minh City must control the epidemic before September 15; other localities must control sooner; social distancing solutions must be how to vaccinate; and vaccine diplomacy, how to treat drugs; What ministries, branches and localities need to do... are all detailed in the Resolution. A series of practical and feasible solutions have been specifically proposed, especially the Resolution has requested to avoid disruption of the labor and goods supply chain, to perform synchronous testing and in treatment to minimize the risk of injury many deaths, not omitting those in need of relief, not letting anyone go hungry… This not only shows the practicality and closeness to the practical requirements of life but also affirms the correct and consistent policy of our Party and State, people's health and life is first, above all, socio-economic development is also very necessary. But in the situation of boiling water, burning fire, food and water, medical examination and treatment, people's health and lives are given top priority. Resolution 86 is really a profound humane expression, showing the good nature of the "State of the People, by the People and for the People".

The resolution was issued in a timely and practical and profound manner as a powerful declaration that smashed all the distorting claims of the obstinate elements, hostile forces, and distorted the determination and results of epidemic prevention and control of the entire Party, army and people. Every Vietnamese at this time, together firmly tighten the team, seriously implement the Government's Resolution, repel the epidemic, that is to show patriotism!

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Head of the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, visits the anti-epidemic situation (Photo: Internet).

Each revolutionary period has a specific mission, with great encouragement, arousing national aspirations, inspiring and spreading action among all classes of people to contribute to the accomplishment of political tasks. and historical mission entrusted. The whole country is determined, the people are united, all people are one, and international friends support us, we will definitely fight the epidemic soon, establish a new normal, boost production, and develop the economy - society, improving the people's material and spiritual life, that is the goal of Resolution 86 of the Government, a Resolution that is both timely and appropriate, practical and deeply humane.

COVID-19 pandemic, we will definitely win!

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