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Seminar: ‘25 years of Korea – Vietnam diplomatic relations: Natural, special and indispensable partnership’


Within a series of events celebrating the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Republic of Korea (22/12/1992-22/12/2017), Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) held an official welcome ceremony for H.E. Mr Lee Hyuk, Ambassador of Republic of Korea to Vietnam and Mr Lee Chul, Minister Counsellor upon their visit and scientific exchanges with VASS’s experts and young researchers in the seminar on ‘25 years of Korea – Vietnam diplomatic relations: Natural, special and indisponsable partnership’, at the head office of VASS, No 1, Lieu Giai street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, on the morning of 3rd March, 2017.

The seminar had a great attendance of participants, including Prof., Dr. Pham Van Duc, Vice President of VASS; Assoc. Prof., Dr. Pham Hong Thai, Deputy Director of Institute of Northeast Asian Studies; Assoc. Prof., Dr. Pham Thai Quoc, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Review of World Economic and Political Issues; and a great number of experts, young researchers from member institutes of VASS.

Prof., Dr. Pham Van Duc and Mr Lee Hyuk co-chaired the seminar

The seminar was co-chaired by H.E. Mr Lee Hyuk, Ambassador of Republic of Korea to Vietnam and Prof., Dr. Pham Van Duc, Vice President of VASS.  For VASS, this was one of the meaningful events of international cooperation and exchanges, which contribute to enhancing relations between VASS and its foreign partners (Korea) as well as creating connections and improving research capacities for VASS’s young generations.

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Republic of Korea officially established diplomatic relations in 1992. After 25 years, the bilateral relationship between two countries has been increasingly improving. Because of traditional ties and similarities in history and culture, supported by economic structures, mutual assistance and nurtured by friendship as well as shared efforts by both governments and people, Vietnam-Korea relations have attained significant achievements in a wide range of areas, contributing to development and cooperation in the region and in the world over the past 25 years.

Mr Lee Hyuk, Korean Ambassador to Vietnam, was giving his presentation to the seminar

In the seminar, the audience had a rare opportunity to listen to speaker, Mr Lee Hyuk, Korean Ambassador to Vietnam, who presented the report on “Korea – Vietnam: Natural, special and indispensable partnership’’. The report focused on the main points as folows:

First, reviewing milestones in the development of bilateral relationship between two countries such as Vietnam-Korea relations were upgraded to the status of comprehensive partnership in 2001 and then, to strategic partnership in 2009.

Second, introducing outstanding achievements gained in the cooperative relationship between Korea and Vietnam in recent years They include economic cooperation (Korea is currently the largest investor in Vietnam and the third largest trade partner of Vietnam, while Vietnam is the largest receiver of Korean ODA); cultural exchanges and people diplomacy.

Third, pointing out dynamics for advancing Korea – Vietnam relations, namely the complementary economic structures, similarities in history and culture, mutual respect and trust.

In particular, Korean Ambassador Mr Lee Hyuk placed an emphasis on trends of cooperation between two countries in the next 25 years in the political, diplomatic, cultural, social, economic and cooperation for development areas. He also underlined the enhancement of strategic partnership and cooperation for peace and stability in the region as well as extension of the scope of cooperation to cover various global issues (like denuclearisation, climate change and sustainable development).

Overview of the seminar

The seminar received a host of views from discussions and exchanges of ideas by delegates surrounding cooperative relations between Vietnam and Korea. It was suggested that Korea should assist Vietnam in many more areas (including industrial develoment), thereby contributing to Vietnam’s industrialisation and modernisation. At the same time, speaking at the seminar, scientists and researchers pointed out some existing problems in cooperation and investment that Korea has made in Vietnam. They also referred to the potential future reunification of the Korean peninsula as well as cutting-edged areas of development (such as education – training, healthcare, and poverty reduction) with a view to further advancing the cooperative relations between two countries in the coming time.

Speaking to give a concise summary of the seminar, on behalf of VASS’s leadership, Prof., Dr. Pham Van Duc expressed his profound gratitude to H.E. Mr Lee Hyuk for his visit and academic exchanges in VASS. He also  appreciated scientific information provided by Korean Ambassador and intended to continue to receive more opportunities of cooperation, enabling VASS’s young researchers to undertake future scientific exchanges and research in Republic of Korea.

Meeting between Korean Ambassador and VASS’s Vice President       Delegates took a photo with Korean Ambassador, H.E. Mr Lee Hyuk

In the morning of the same day, Korean Ambassador to Vietnam H.E. Mr Lee Hyuk had an unofficial meeting with VASS’s leadership where he expressed his intention that VASS would improve its position and role as the leading advisory organisation of the Vietnamese government in making public policies to orientate the country’s development. Mr Lee Hyuk asserted that personally, he was ready to assist VASS and Vietnam in cooperation and exchanges of scientific activities. He also affirmed his profound belief in friendship of people of both countries towards a shared prosperity long into the future.

Nguyễn Thu Trang

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