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Scientific Conference "Economic Development in the Central Highlands: Potential and Problems"


On 03/11/2017, at Pleiku Hotel, 03 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province, Institute of Social Sciences of Central Highlands of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and the Provincial People's Committee Gia Lai co-organized a workshop on "Economic Development in the Central Highlands: Potential and Problems", discuss and make practical contributions to the cause of economic development in the Central Highlands to propose and propose solutions and issues to be addressed in the future.

Attending and presiding over the workshop were: Assoc.Prof.Dr Bui Nhat Quang, alternate member of The Central Committee of the Communist Party, Vice President of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Thao, Vice President of the Central Theoretical Council; Mr. Nguyen Duc Hoang, Vice Chairman of Gia Lai People’s Committee, Dr. Nguyen Duy Thuy, Director of Institute of Social Sciences of Central Highlands.

Workshop honored to welcome distinguished guests representtatives for the Central authorities and local: Mr. Y Thanh Ha Nie Kunt, alternate member of The Central Committee of the Communist Party, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Buon-Ma-Thuat; Mr. Chau Ngoc Tuan, Deputy Secretary of Gia Lai Party Committee; Dr. Cao Huy, Vice Chairman of Đak-Nong People’s Committee; Mr. H'Ydim Kđok, Vice Chairman of Đak-Lak People’s Committee; Mr. Ho Van Dien, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Gia Lai province, representatives of departments, board, districts, towns and cities in 05 provinces of the Central Highlands; scientists from research institutes, academia, universities, colleges in the country, and independent research professionals; news agencies, media, television, written and reported about the workshop.

Assoc.Prof.Dr Bui Nhat Quang, Vice President of the Academy, delivered the opening speech at the workshop

Over the past years, the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences has played a connecting role between JICA (Japan) and the Lam Dong government to implement the project of agricultural development towards multi-sectocral approach and improve the agricultural investment environment. Besides, carry out many topics and tasks of scientific research in order to advice and propose policies of economic development of the localities in the Central Highlands.

Opening speak at the workshop, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Nhat Quang, alternate member of The Central Committee of the Communist Party, Vice President of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, warmly welcomed the participants. In the international context there are many fluctuations, the international integration is accelerating, the industrial revolution 4.0 is developing strongly on a global scope. In the new context, the party congress XII, the Party and the State have set out many policies to carry out innovate model of growth, restructuare the economic. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Nhat Quang suggested, emphasizing and asking the delegates to focus on discuss about the Central Highlands economy should choose the development model like? Where are the obstacle and the advantages economic development of the whole region, as well as of each specific locality? Where is the breakthrough focus to create economic strength for the Central Highlands? On the other hand, what is the impact of this economic development process on the socio-cultural life? These are the proplems due to the development practice set out, which is also common concern of managers, scientists, businesses and all strata.

Report presented at the workshop, Dr. Nguyen Duy Thuy, Director of Institute of Social Sciences of Central Highlands pointed out three main bottlenecks in the current economic development of the Central Highlands: the congestion of policy and mechanism, science and technology; research, application and exploitation of cultural resources.

The Organizing Committee received many submissions, more than 100 presentations were printed in the Conference Proceedings. At the workshop, six presenters presented their speeches, divided into 2 sessions, focusing on two main topics:

Session one: Speeches: MSc. Hoang Thanh Huong, Deputy Director of Central propaganda and training commission - Gia Lai Department of Propaganda and Training, on exploiting economic potential of cultural heritages in Gia Lai; MSc. Nguyen Nhu Tien and MSc. Nguyen Do Truong Son, Center for Economic Research of the South - Development Strategy Institute - Ministry of Planning and Investment, on the economic status of the Central Highlands in the country's general development – solution advanced link; Dr. Le Dang Lang, Former Lecturer at the University of Economics – Law (National University of Ho Chi Minh City), on some agricultural development policies of high technology: applied research in Dak Nong province.

Session two: Speeches: Dr. Tran Van Thuan, Research Institute for Development of Ho Chi Minh City, on economic development in association with cultural development in the Central Highlands - actual situation and solutions; Dr. Tran Hong Luu, Da Nang University of Economics, on improving the policies of management and use land to create sustainable development in the Central Highlands; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duy Dung, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, on the Central Highlands with soft links in the Development Triangle Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia.

The workshop in panorama

The journalists joined the discussion, all comes from many different aspects; opinions of speech and discussions have been agreed: After three decades of reform and integration, the Central Highlands economy has changed all aspects. But the growth rate in recent years has slowed down, while the Central Highlands is still a difficult economic region. There are many complex issues that arise because of the process of developing according to the old model in those years ago and challenge of the new context. This is the state overexploitation of resources that primatily focus on exploiting the strength of natural resources; Contradict about the ownership of material production land; product prices in the market value chain is low; Difficulties and limitations in the operating environment and development of enterprises in the Central Highlands; lack of link policy implementation, implementation regional and inter-regional... Viewpoints and measures to promote economic development in the Central Highlands are the part which delegates pay special attention and spend more time discussing and discussing.

The workshop is a forum for exchanging the academic problems, management state which useful for reseachers, policy makers and managers, for a multi-dimensional view of socio-economic issues in the Central Highlands. In the closing speech of the seminar, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Nhat Quang stated that "Economic Development in the Central Highlands: Potential and Problems" is a workshop that has practical significance, covers all economic sectors in the Central Highlands. The workshop showed the results and limitations of the old growth model; identify bottlenecks in economic development of the Central Highlands; discussing the specific advantages in economic development of the Central Highlands in the present period, the economic strengths of the Central Highlands, indicating the need to innovate the model of economic growth of the Central Highlands; To propose some specific solutions to boost the development of the economy in the Central Highlands: to formulate the planning for international integration; building the ecological environment of enterprises; Implementing solutions assoiciated with institutions, improve institutional efficiency so that the solutions put into practice, help remove the bottlenecks growth... The views presented in the speeches, the exchange of ideas at the seminar is the channel Useful for senior leaders of the Party and State, the provincial Party Committee, the People's Committee and other departments, committees, sectors, districts, towns and cities of 05 provinces in the Central Highlands to participate in the workshop in management and economic development of localities; At the same time, it opens up the following research serve for the process of economic development in the Central Highlands.


Nguyen Xuan Khoat


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