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Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies: Journey & Impressions


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Publication year: 2021

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Content editors: Bui Minh Tri; Do Thi Hong Nhung

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The Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies (IICS), formerly known as the Imperial Citadel Research Center, is a scientific research organization under the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) with a basical and specialized research function in the ancient capitals of Vietnam; providescientific arguments for the strategy of planning, preserving and promoting the value of Vietnam's national cultural heritage; participate in the training of high-quality human resources in the field of research on the imperial citadel and museum, and the preservation of the heritage of the ancient capitals of Vietnam.

The Imperial citadel is an important part and essential foundation of the Vietnamese nation's history. Therefore, in-depth study of Vietnamese Imperial cities has a very important role and meaning in clarifying the history of formation and development of Vietnamese cultures and civilizations, clarifying cultural and historical values of the country's major political centers that contribute to proving the position and role of Vietnam in the history of Southeast Asia and Asia. This is also an important scientific basis in consulting strategies for planning, preserving and promoting the value of Vietnam's national cultural heritage as well as protecting the country's territorial sovereignty.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its establishment (April 28th, 2011-April 28th, 2021), the Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies has compiled the book "the Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies - Journey and Impressions" to summarize, evaluate outstanding achievements in two main fields: Scientific research and museum exhibition design; at the same time, orienting the development strategy of the Institute to 2025, with a vision to 2030 with the goal of building the Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies into a prestigious scientific research institute in Vietnam and the region, meeting the requirements of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and from the country in the new period.

During the past 10 years (2011-2021), despite going through many ups and downs, the Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies has organized and completed many important scientific research projects/tasks such as: “Correction, research, value assessment and scientific documentation of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long” (2011-2020), a key ministry-level task; The tasks of "Explore excavation and archeological research in relic site of Nen Chua (Kien Giang) and "Fill the excavation pit for conservation atrelic site of Nen Chua (Kien Giang) (2018-2020) under the Project “Research on the archaeological site of Oc Eo- Ba The, Nen Chua (Oc Eo Culture in the South)”, a special task at the national level.

In particular, the Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies has implemented many museum exhibition design projects, contributing to the promotion of national cultural heritage, bringing scientific research results to the public, highly appreciated by the public.For example, the project "Exhibition of relics in the basement of the National Assembly House" (2012-2016), a special task at the State level. In the process, the Institute has also invested and collected materials to have a scientific basis in restoring the architectural form of Vietnam's palaces, thereby successfully restoring the palace architecture of the Ly Dynasty with the 3D technology and made the 16-minute long film of the architectural form of the palace of Vietnam belonging to Ly Dynasty under the light of archeology to introduce to the public.

In addition, the Institute has also implemented the project "Exhibition and promotion of cultural heritages of Dinh - Early Le dynasties" at Hoa Lu Ancient Capital (Ninh Binh) (2020), a cooperation program with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ninh Binhprovince. Besides, the Institute has also successfully organized design projects for traditional exhibition rooms (Traditional Room of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics -2019; Traditional Room of the Party Central Committee -2020). At present, itis alsoimplementing many projects ofexhibitionmuseums in the localities.

Along with those achievements, the Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies also compiled and published many valuable scientific research works such as: Japanese Pottery in Thang Long Imperial Palace (2011), Thuong Temple - Co Loa - Underground mysterious(2014); Underground archeological discoveries of the National Assembly House (2016), Scientific Announcements (2014-2017), Vietnam's Ancient Imperial Citadel (2018-2020)... and many other in-depthscientific research works published in prestigious domestic and foreign books and journals.

Looking back on the 10-year journey, in the development journey with the motto "Discipline, Responsibility, Creativity, Professionalism, Efficiency", the Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies always strives to gradually assert its position and position. and prestige in the scientific research work of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and the country, has made many important contributions in scientific research, in museum exhibition design, in heritage conservation research.

In the international and national context which is undergoing rapid change and transform, the Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies is deeply aware that there will be many difficulties and challenges ahead. But with trust and expectation in the future, the Institute is determined to strive to become a specialized, prestigious and highly competitive research institute. This is both a goal and a motivation to develop a team of highly qualified staff, serving the cause of humanities and social science research of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and of the country.

This Proceedings is also a picture book of highly scientific value that will be a valuable reference source for researchers in archeology and archeology of the Imperial Citadel, policy makers onculture,religion, history, and tourismas well as scholars and readers interested in this field.Through the book, it contributes to "reviving" and preserving valuable heritages for life, "contributing to the sustainable development of the country. Thus, we have a duty to make the heritage always revive and exist usefully" - As stated by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the Conference "Protecting and promoting the value of Vietnamese cultural heritage, for sustainable development” on July 27th, 2018.

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Thu Trang

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