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Graduate Acadamy of Social Sciences present awards degrees to 54 doctoral students for the first time in 2013


Attending the ceremony were Prof.Dr. Vo Khanh Vinh, Vice President of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), Director of GASS; Asso.Prof.Dr. Tran Dinh Hao, Deputy Director of GASS; Asso.Prof.Dr. Ho Viet Hanh, Deputy Director of GASS; Dr. Nguyen Khac Binh, representative of Ministry of Education and Training; lecturers and staff of GASS; and the 54 new doctors together with their family members and friends.

On behalf of GASS’s Board of Directors, Asso.Prof.Dr. Tran Dinh Hao gave a speech to congratulate the new doctors  and emphasized that this was a result to be proud of not only for the new doctors but also for GASS. These successes first of all were the result of careful guidance and interest from VASS’s leaders, support from the Ministry of Education and Training, the efforts of departments, lecturers and scientists both within and outside the Institution as well as the new doctors. The Deputy Director of GASS also expressed his expectation and confidence that the new doctors would make significant contributions in their fields when they returned to their professional activities after graduation.

In that solemn and stirring atmosphere, a representative of the new doctors, a doctor of Han Nom Studies, gave a speech to thank GASS’s leaders and lecturers for their interest and care, for always standing side by side with their students on the long and difficult road of study. In addition to giving close guidance on the research plans of the doctoral students, and besides teaching and strengthening the knowledge of the students, the lecturers had also supported them a great deal in implementing field research. And so what the new doctors were receiving today was the product of much collaborative effort, ajoint achievement, a joint source of pride and fond memories that the new doctors would forever carry with them in the future.

                                                                                                                                          Vinh Ha

                                                                                                                                    Source: Graduate School of Social Science


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