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Introduction of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences


The Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) is a research institution under the Government of Vietnam which was first established in 1953 as the History-Geography-Literature Research Department. Throughout more than 60 years of development, the Academy has changed its name several times. Since February 22, 2013, it has been officially called the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, with its headquarters located at No.1 Lieu Giai Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam.



1.          To study fundamental issues of the social sciences in Vietnam;

2.          To provide scientific foundations for the Party and the State in creating orientation, strategies, plans and policies supporting socialist-oriented fast and sustainable development;

3.          To carry out policy consultancy on development;

4.          To provide high-quality post-graduate training in the social sciences;

5.          To strengthen VASS’s national reputation and recognition in the social sciences.



1.     To study the theoretical and practical issues of the social sciences in Vietnam, the region and the world; to provide quality scientific evidence for the Government of Vietnam to support  its development of appropriate orientation, strategies, plans and policies.  This work will then move  national industrialization and modernization processes forward in a timely fashion;

2.     To take part in designing strategies, plans and policies for the development of the social sciences nation-wide;

3.     To carry out fundamental surveys, analyses and forecasts to meet the needs of  the  country’s  socio-economic development;

4.     To conduct investigations, excavations and research studies to protect, preserve and promote the cultural heritage and values of each ethnic group in Vietnam;

5.     To combine research and training activities; to provide master’s and doctoral training programs in the social sciences as regulated by law;  to be involved in developing high-quality human resources at the request of the state, regions, provinces and enterprises;

6.     To expand and strengthen integration and collaboration in the social sciences, with international organizations, research institutions and scientists world-wide;

7.     To establish a national database of social science information in order to disseminate scientific knowledge and enhance the public’s intellectual awareness.

The Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences is the hub for top scholars in the social sciences and humanities in Vietnam. Currently, the Academy employs more than 2,000 staff, of whom more than 900 are professors and associate professors who hold doctoral and master’s degrees in the social sciences and humanities.  They work in seven departments which support the President, 35 research institutes and four other non-research institutions: the Graduate Academy of Social Sciences, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, the Vietnam Social Science Review and the Social Science Publishing House. Most of the Academy’s affiliated institutions are located in Hanoi, while the Southern Institute of Social Sciences is in Ho Chi Minh City, the Institute of Social Sciences of the Central Highlands is in Buon Ma Thuot and the Institute of Social Sciences of the Central Region is in Da Nang.

VASS and its research institutes publish 35 periodical reviews and journals, of which three are in English. The Social Sciences Library at VASS is a general and multidisciplinary library with rich and diversified information sources in the social sciences and humanities. In addition, every affiliated research institute at VASS also has its own specialized library. 

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