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Development Strategy of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences in 2011-2020


I.    Objectives

The development strategy of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences during 2011-2020 focuses on the following basic objectives:

First, to develop Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences to a leading national center for basic research, policy advice and training in the field of social sciences and humanities, with major contribution to providing a scientific basis for the formulation of the Party’s guidelines and policies, state laws; a prestigious research body nationally and internationally, playing an important role in the comprehensive reform of the country in 2011-2020 and following decades.

Second, to build and develop scientific staff both in terms of quantity and quality; to form a potential adjacent generation of scholars and researchers with strong capability to deal with crucial scientific tasks and make significant contribution to international cooperation and integration.

Third, to publicize key research works of high value, which are applied in management of the Party and the State, and the education and training, to address the Academy’s role, prestige and influence in the country’s academic life and its contribution to the development of Vietnam in social sciences particularly and in culture generally.

Fourth, to continue to strengthen and promote the irreplaceable role which is the core of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences in a number of areas of social sciences and humanities, such as archeology, ethnography, religious studies, Han-Nom studies, and international studies; to strive to raise the bar of those scientific fields which are key strengths of the Academy up to the regional and the world levels.

II.    Some strategic breakthroughs

In the period 2011-2020, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences would focus on following some strategic breakthroughs:

First, to develop comprehensively the potentials in social sciences, particularly the research and management staff of highly qualification and leading experts in the fields of social sciences.

Second, to set up modern techniques and facilities for the activities of research, training and policy advice, of which a special attention should be paid to the improvement and modernization of the library and documentation systems, the Academy’s portal as well as the member websites (in both Vietnamese and English).

Third, to innovate fundamentally the mechanisms of scientific management, investment allocation and proper spending of State budget in order to promote democracy, self-governance and the creativity of scholars and researchers while bettering operational effectiveness and management of social sciences research.

Fourth, to strengthen and enhance international cooperation and integration in order to promote Vietnam’s development achievements and cultural values in the world; to selectively receive the essence of the world’s achievements in social sciences to further develop the country’s social sciences in general, and the Academy in particular.

Fifth, to develop and apply proper employment policies as well as to focus on professional training for the next generations while attracting qualified scholars at home and abroad to build large and mighty staff in social sciences, who are capable of dealing with theoretical and practical problems as well as generating the scientific works up to the national, the regional and the world standards.

III. Research orientations and tasks in the 2011-2020 Development Strategy of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

1. Research orientations

To contribute to the successful implementation of the Platform for National Construction in the Transitional Period towards Socialism (supplemented and developed in 2011), as well as the Socio-Economic Development Strategy 2011-2020 and the Five-year Plan 2011-2015 passed through in the Eleventh Party Congress, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences will continue to study and interpret the unsolved fundamental and strategic issues inherited from the previous period, and at the same time posing new problems for the period 2011-2020; taking part in preparing the documents for the Twelfth and Thirteenth National Congresses of the Communist Party of Vietnam. In particular, the research orientations should reflect the long-term vision until 2050 in order to answer the question of what and how Vietnam should do to overcome the middle-income trap and become a sustainable industrialized economy in the middle of the twenty-first century.

The long-term objectives for the development of the country strategy have set the concentration of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences on timely research and proper commentaries in accordance with Vietnam’s socio-economic characteristics to create an initial platform right in the period 2011-2020.

With such an approach, research orientations in the Development Strategy of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences in 2011 - 2020 are follows:

First, to focus on studying and solving theoretical and practical issues for the socialist-oriented development of the country in the process of industrialization, modernization and international integration in the context of globalization towards “rich people, strong nation, equitable, democratic and civilized society”.

Second, to specify theoretical and practical problems set in the documents of the Eleventh National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam; at the same time to provide the scientific foundation for the successful implementation of the Socio-Economic Development Strategy 2011-2020; making contribution to summarizing the situations after 25 years and 30 years of innovation and building the scientific basis for the next stage of development.

Third, to promote research in all aspects of social life, including economics, politics, culture, society, and environment, in which the people are put at the center of the development; to study in depth the relationship between sustainable development, economic growth and cultural, social and environmental issues.

2. Research tasks

In order to meet the requirements for the leadership and management of the country as well as the development of scientific potentials of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, making contribution to promoting education and training, and the dissemination of knowledge of social sciences and humanities to the people, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences in 2011-2020 should focus on following basic tasks:

2.1. To promote the study of international issues: the nature, characteristics and trends of the contemporary world changes; scientific predictions about the strategic and policy adjustments and changes of the countries in the world, especially the most powerful economies who influence the politic situation and the world economic order as well as Vietnam’s security, defense and foreign affairs.

2.2. To study with the innovative thinking on the basis of tenets of Marxism-Leninism, giving conclusions on a solid scientific foundation (with connection to and comparison with new development theories); principles which remains their values should be preserved, inherited, developed and applied properly in the new situation of the country.

2.3. To continue study more comprehensively and systematically Ho Chi Minh’s Thought to clarify his views on the real objectives, the nature of humanity and humanistic socialism and the path to socialism in Vietnam; the creative insights and originality of Ho Chi Minh on classes and ethnicity, democracy and the rule of law, the ruling party, the methods of combining economic development and social development, the role of cultural revelation in development...

2.4. To study the trends of progressive ideas of mankind for rational factors of the contemporary theories of development in the world.

2.5. To summarize the experiences of 30 years and 35 years of comprehensive innovation in Vietnam.

2.6. To study and interpret the new theoretical and practical issues in the documents of the Eleventh National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

2.7. To study new issues of the development of socialist-oriented market economy institutions in 2011-2020 with vision to 2050.

2.8. To study theoretical and practical foundation of sustainable development and shortening industrialization and modernization in Vietnam in 2011-2020 with vision to 2050; of the economic restructuring associated with changing the growth model in the context of the world today.

2.9. To study new theoretical and practical issues of the ruling party.

2.10. To study new questions of building a law-governed socialist Vietnam of the people, by the people and for the people; of the civil society, enabling democracy in public life.

2.11. To study further the preservation and promotion of Vietnam’s cultural values while obtaining the cultural quintessence of humankind in the context of globalization and international integration, the construction of cultural norms.

2.12. To study orientations in development, management, education and training, sciences and technology for the country’s development in 2011-2020.

2.13. To study problems of models, structures and changes, institutions of development and social management towards socialism in 2011-2020.

2.14. To study new theoretical and practical issues of ethnicity and religion in Vietnam in 2011-2020.

2.15. To implement fundamental and comprehensive research on human and human development in the context of Vietnam’s socialist-oriented market economy; and the development of human resources.

2.16. To study new problems of national defense and security.

2.17. To study issues related to regional links and sustainable development.

2.18. To study the key issues in history, archeology, ethnography, literature, linguistics, religion, as well as the compilation of Vietnam encyclopedia.

2.19. To continue studying, compilation and publishing of a number of national crucial works representing the essence of the social sciences in Vietnam.

Source: The Development Strategy of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences in 2011-2020

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