Vietnam Academy Of Social Sciences
Message from the President


The Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) is heading into an exciting new phase of development and I am proud to be working with you at this prestigious institution. Being a part of the Vietnamese Government, VASS always plays an essential role in every historic moment of the nation’s development process. Under strong leadership, VASS has made remarkable progress in carrying out the tasks of scientific research, post-graduate training, policy advisory and active participation in the policy making process of the Party and the Government 

From the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, we are spreading avant-garde ideas about the development of the society, the nation and the people of Vietnam. We believe that together human capital and knowledge capital form our strongest and most valuable resources, and that their efficient utilization is key to achieving a prosperous society. Research and creative work are our foci and VASS is in a unique position to mobilize experts from various sectors to think and work together toward achieving key national objectives

By connecting with national and international partners, we are also in the center of a working network that promotes academic exchange in the social sciences. We make every effort to ensure that VASS, with its talents and skills, is a reliable partner in the global network.  Together, we can encourage partnership across disciplines. Today, VASS stands out as Vietnam’s top governmental academic institution focusing on the social sciences and humanities. To maintain this position, we are committed to innovation as an important part of an ongoing mission to advance public knowledge and address pressing societal needs.

                   You are all welcome to join us and share your ideas.

                   Yours faithfully,



                           Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Thuan​