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Functions and tasks of the Institute of History

The predecessor of Institute of History was History Team of Department of History, Geography and Literature Studies. It was established in December 2nd 1953 under the Resolution no. 34 NQ/TW of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam in the Viet Bac inter-zone. The institute has been in its 60 years of operation up to now.

In February 27th 2013, President of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) issued the Decision no. 258/QĐ-KHXH of the functions, tasks, rights and organization structure of Institute of History. As a scientific research center belonged to VASS, the Institute of History has the functions of conducting historical research on basic issues and providing scientific grounds for building orientations, setting up strategies and making policies of socialist – oriented rapid and sustainable development. It also undertakes the function of providing consultancy and postgraduate training in the field of historical science and taking part in developing the potential of historical science of the whole country.


Based on the functions, tasks and rights assigned by Communist Party and State as well as VASS, Institute of History has achieved the following achievements during its 60 years of operation:

1. To do research on basic historical issues of Vietnam

These researches on basic historical issues of Vietnam have both theoretical meanings and practical values which are applied for the fighting career of national liberation, building and protection. There are 6 fundamental issues that Institute should do research on as followed: 1. Historical issues in the period of Hung King; 2. Researches on culture and civilization of Vietnam; 3. Political, economic and social issues in the history; 4. Researches on labor class; 5. Researches on farmer class, land, rural and agricultural issues in the history; 6. Issues of the history of the national liberation.

During 60 years of operation, Institute of History has done researches and published many research works in all above fields in which there are some remarkable research works as: the book of Period of Hung King: History of economy, culture, and society including 4 volumes (Van Tan, Nguyen Linh, Le Van Lan); The development of Vietnamese thought from the 19th century to the August Revolution (Prof. Tran Van Giau, 3 volumes, and received Hochiminh award – first period),  Vietnamese communes and rural in the history, Learning about Vietnamese communes in the Ly – Tran dynasty (many authors), Vietnamese Famine in the 1945 – Historical Evidence (Prof. Van Tao, Prof. Furuta Motoo), Labor Class in Vietnam (Prof. Tran Van Giau, received Hochiminh Award – first period), Labor Class of Vietnam in the revolution of national liberation and socialism (joint project between Institute of History of and Institute of the East – Russia), Vietnamese Rural in the history 2 volumes (many authors), The History of 80 years against France (Prof. Tran Huy Lieu, received Hochiminh Award – first period), South Vietnam stands still including 5 volumes (Prof. Tran Van Giau), Vietnam is one and Vietnamese nation is one (many authors)…

Institute of History has organized many national and international conferences on big celebration day as Bach Dang Victory, Ngoc Hoi - Dong Da Victory, President Hochiminh’s birthday, Foundation day of Communist Party of Vietnam, August Revolution and Independence Day September 2nd, Dien Bien Phủ Historic Victory, Liberation Day of South Vietnam April 30th so on. On these big occasions, Institute of History has issued the book of August Revolution – Historic Events, Dien Bien Phu Victory – The strength of a nation and the symbol of time, Half of decade fighting for the national liberation and socialism so on.

2. Translation and Edition of Historic Books

Together with editing the research works on historic issues, the Institute has conducted the historic book named History of Vietnam, 15 volumes from ancient time to 2000. Also they released the book named Enjoy History of Vietnam including 5 volumes in the same period. Institute has also completed the book History of Vietnamese Education from the 10th century to 2000 and planned to publish this book in future.

Not only working on Vietnamese history, Institute also conducts research works on history of other countries in the world, including: The movement against American Empire in South America, History of Cuba ( by Prof. Dr. Pham Xuan Nam), Neocolonialism  of America and the movement against America in Africa (by Nguyễn Huu Thuy)… Today Institute of History is working on two books which are World History Outline (5 volumes by Associate Prof. Dr. Le Trung Dung and Dr. Nguyen Thị Hong Van as chief editor).

Up to now, Institute of History has published more than 400 books in which some of books contains more than 10 volumes. Also, there are 450 magazines published with over 5000 dissertations in which many works have provided the scientific evidence for forming opinions, pathways, and policies of State and Communist Party.

3. Collection, researches, translation and publish of historic document as well as edition of tool books

The Institute always pays attention to do research and explore historic heritage of Vietnam.  The Institute has collected, analyze, verify, translate and publish many historic books written in old Chinese characters from previous generation for many years. Also, they edit, adjust and announce the books with many historic documents such as The Imperially Ordered Annotated Text Completely Reflecting the History of Viet (20 volumes), Complete Annals of Dai Viet (4 volumes), Dai Nam Comprehensive Encyclopedia (5 volumes), Chronicle of Greater Vietnam (38 volumes), Regulations of Successive Dynasties by Subject - Matter (2 volumes), Nguyen Trai’s Complete Works, Reference book for history of Vietnamese modern revolution (12 volumes), August Revolution (2 volumes), Timeline of Vietnam from ancient to modern time (4 volumes)…

Above books and documents have become a trusted source of reference and useful for teaching and researches. Public and scholars also support and gave high evaluation for these documents.  

 4. Implementation political tasks assigned by State and Communist Party

Institute of History is a leading research institution who submitted to Communist Party and State the proposal of land reformation, agricultural collaboration, social class in Vietnam, the pathway transited to socialism, fighting for national liberation, social policies, role of culture in the national development, building and development of labor class …

In the research of historic heritage and Vietnam’s starting point on its way transiting to socialism, the Institute was assigned by State and Communist Party to do the following researches: Rules and characteristics of Vietnam’s society and history – Strengths and Weaknesses of Vietnam on the way to socialism, Lessons on building and protecting country in the relationship with today socialism building. The Institute has been in charge of doing some important topics as The History of formation and development of South Vietnam, The border line of Vietnam and Cambodia, “Montagnard Dega Association”, and “Khmer Krom” State in order to protect the national land and islands.

Institute of History have been assigned to implement many projects and topics at State level as:  Culture and Civilization for the social development and improvement (Chief editor: Prof. Nguyen Hong Phong, Associate Prof. Dr. Tran Duc Cuong), Scientific evidence of the social policy’s renewal (Chief editor: Prof. Dr. Pham Xuan Nam), History of the fighting against French colonialist of Viet bac people (Chief editor: Associate Prof. Dr. Tran Duc Cuong)Programs and projects of Institute have received high evaluation and been published to disseminate to the public.

5. Participation in the verification of cultural and social science projects and the cooperation with local industries, provinces and international partners

Since its establishment, Institute of History has made close relationship with local universities and research centers, including scientific collaboration and training activities. Many valuable research works on Vietnam and world history as well as historic research methodology have been published. The Institute has also organized many scientific conferences as well as joined in edition of many historic works for industries and whole country.

The Institute of History and staff have received many invitations to be member of judges who verify and approve the scientific projects and programs. Institute of History also have contribution to the instruction, theory improvement and edition methodology.

In the foreign relations, Institute of History has made partnership with researchers, universities and some research centers in Russia, Ukraine, France, China, North Korea, South Korea, America, Germany, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, Poland, Laos, and Cambodia.

6. Training and Education

Since 1978, Institute of History has organized 12 short term training courses in which there are near 100 researchers obtained Doctor Degree. These training courses are not only to improve the qualification of researchers but also provide officers who will give lectures about history across the country.

Many staff of Institute have joined in postgraduate courses in local universities and colleges as well as foreign countries as Soviet, Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech, China, France, Japan and Australia.

The Institute also focused on improving the qualification of experts by opening language classes as Chinese – Nom, English, French, and classes for methodologies and specialized one. These courses have provided many new theories and information of historic sciences.

In general, the staffs of Institute are high qualified in both specialization and political aspects. Therefore, the Institute has had significant contribution to the fighting for national liberation as well as meet the requirements assigned by State and Communist Party. 

7. Information management, library and magazines

The Institute of History has built valuable bookstores which include thousands domestic and foreign books in many languages over its 60 years of development. Up to now, the library of Institute has successfully digitalized hundreds books and translated many works from Chinese or Nom to Vietnamese so that they can support the studies and learning of all staff.

Since its establishment, The Historic Research Magazine has issued more than 450 volumes with 3000 articles in which many writings are valuable for building a new history as well as meeting demand of the revolution. They also help to integrate the national history with local and foreign humanity and sciences.

In 60 years, the development of Institute has been linked with the growth and victory of Vietnamese revolution and Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. Communist Party and State have highly educated the contribution of Institute and all generations of staff.  The Institute was received the 1st class Labor Order while the magazine was received the 2nd class Labor Order (1980); the 1st class Independence Order (1998); Labor Hero in the new period (2000).  Also, many researchers of Institute were received many noticeable awards as Hochiminh Award, State Award, Hochiminh Order, 1st class and 2nd class Independence Order, Order for fighting against French and American violence, Order for the career of Sciences and Technology, Order for the career of Vietnamese Press and Memorial Order for the career of Social Sciences and Humanity and many other memorial orders.