Vietnam Academy Of Social Sciences
Name: Center for Information Technology Application
Phone: 84-4-62730552
Fax: 84-4-62730552
Address: Floor 15, No 1, Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Functions & Tasks

Centre for Information Technology Application (CITA) is a scientific research centre belonged to Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and established under the Decision no. 2202/QĐ-TTg in December 29th 2009 by Prime Minister.  CITA started operating according to Decision no. 341/QĐ-KHXH in March 29th 2010 by President of Institute of Social Sciences (now as Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences). This is a significant milestone for technology application in research and management activities of VASS.

CITA has functions of conducting researches, developing and applying information and technology in all activities; managing all technology application; organizing knowledge training and skills for technology application in order to meet requirements and demands of domestic and foreign organizations.

CITA has the following tasks and rights:

1. To submit to President of VASS the strategies, plans in long, middle term and annual projects on investment in information and technology application of VASS and to implement them after approval.  

2. To hold and work with other institute to create and issue regulations on information and technology application so that VASS will have a synchronized system.

3. To conduct scientific researches, develop solutions and implement these applications according to the assignment of President of VASS.  

4. To build, manage and operating the technological infrastructure for VASS, including:

- To set up, manage and operate LAN network, WAN network of VASS.

- To manage and exploit the Internet usage form computer network of VASS; to hold and work with other institutes and related organizations in implementing the security of information system and database of VASS.

- To maintain, repair, and fix system errors and equipment’s problems of VASS; to support and instruct for staff in using hardware and software.

- To be the assignee of linking network of VASS with other networks

5. To set up, manage and operate the Portal of VASS; support in collecting, storing, processing, editing and providing electronic information for all operations of VASS; to link the Portal of members with VASS.

6. To build up, manage, operate and maintain the operations and the system security of information applications of VASS, including:

- Manage and operate the Document Management Software and Operation Supervision, the email system of VASS;

- Build up and manage information application systems and software for management and supervision of VASS;

- Work with other members of VASS and related units to build up and integrate database for all operations of VASS.

7. To comment and give feedback about technological and technical aspects of projects and proposals on information application of members assigned by VASS’s President.

8. To implement the consultancy and services of information application funded by VASS.

9. To set up plans for nurture and improve the qualification and skills of VASS’s people; to work with other members after approval.

10. To have international collaboration about information application in the field of social sciences; to exchange the information with local and foreign institutions based on the law and regulations of VASS. To work with supporting units of VASS’s President in the implementation of projects related to information application.

11. To manage the organization, operations, administration, assets and expenditure of centre based on regulations of State and VASS.

12. To implement other tasks assigned by President of VASS.

Major Achievements

- Completed the project on Improve the information applications in Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences in the period of 2011 to 2015 at Ministry level. The project has included important contents related to strategic tasks with the purpose of improving the information application in VASS until 2020. They are also the foundation of scientific theories when discussing about the development policies in the next period. 

- Did researches and translated the DSpace software. Had plans of transmitting these applications Laos National Social Sciences Institute and gradually supporting equipment for services of library.

- Successfully built the database checking system on WebIsis; the database system of scientific experts; and build the website for 4th International Conference on Vietnamese Studies held by VASS and Hanoi National University.

- Have basically completed the project on Investment and Improvement of the Portal of VASS and 35 portals for other members. These portals are used for VASS to promote and meet developing demands of the academy with 3 key points as scientific research, postgraduate training and policy consultancy. Also, the centre needs to work efficiently with state offices, communist party unit, and local and foreign research institutions about the network. They have to set up and connect with the internal network of units belonged to VASS. This is a management system of general concepts related to the information resources of VASS and the system will be used for the online management of the academy’s leaders. Also, it will be an online working environment for departments and researchers to operate, manage documents, provide and share information within the academy and individuals.   

- Implemented and completed the software on “Document Management and Operation Instructions of VASS”, and started to test in some institutes.

- Be in charge of providing information and managing the contents of website in time and effectively. The address of the Portal is

- Be in charge of operating and maintaining the network of VASS. Up to now, the network transmission and operations are in good conditions and do not have technical errors which affect the operations of the Academy even the technology is not at standard level.

- Implement and install the Government network at administration office and offices of VASS; Implement the cable network of Ministry of Finance at Planning – Finance Department.

- Manage the email system of VASS and create the Regulations on management, operations, and usage of the email system of VASS so on.

The significant changes of functions and tasks of the organization structure have brought new developing motivation for Centre of Information Technology Application. In future, centre will focus on important works which can be the breakthroughs, for example:

-  To focus on making “Project for developing the information technology application until 2025, especially the period from 2013 to 2017 so that the President of VASS can approve and use it as target for Centre to develop:  

- To find for qualified resources and have training for them to improve knowledge; to do research on the structure of centre’s departments and distribute the resources so that they can meet to requirements of works for now and future;

- To implement the project on “Investment to improve the Portal of VASS” so that the project can be on track and ensure of the quality. Also, to make proposals and invest in infrastructure as methods of applying information and technology in VASS’s activities.