Vietnam Academy Of Social Sciences

Functions and Tasks of the Academic Council of VASS

The Research Council of VASS has the function of submitting research consultancy and recommendations to the president of VASS.

The Research Council consists of scholars from VASS and other institutions as well. They are specialized particularly in one discipline or inter-disciplines of social sciences and humanities with good qualifications, virtue, and a high sense of responsibility. They are invited by the president of VASS to work concurrently in the Research Council. The president of VASS makes decision about how many members the Research Council should consist of. The Research Council members votes for the position of the Research Council chairman, vice chairman, and secretary. The term of office of the Research Council lasts for 5 years. Regulations and activities of the Research Council are issued by the president of VASS.

The Research Council of VASS undertakes following tasks:

1. To submit consultancy on making policy/regulations to the president of VASS for social science and humanity development of the whole country.

2. To give recommendations about designing social science and humanity development strategies, identifying directions, goals, long-term and short-term plans relating to fields of social science and humanity research within VASS.

3. To provide consultancy on policy and regulations in academic management; on implementation of research programs/projects; on training planning; and on quality enhancement for researchers of VASS.

4. To give comments on assessments or to evaluate directly research programs/projects as assigned by the president of VASS. To make selection and suggestion of research programs/projects of high quality and researchers of VASS who have gained a lot of research achievements for the State rewards.