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Function and Tasks of Vietnam Social Sciences Review

Vietnam Social Sciences Review is a member unit of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and the mouthpiece as well as press representative of VASS. The review is a forum for researchers and practical events in the field of social sciences.   The Review was established and operated under the Document no. 511/THTW in October 10th 1983 issued by the Central Propaganda Committee and the Decision no. 125/KHXH-QĐ In April 6th 1984 by Vietnam Committee for Social Sciences. Today, the Review is operating according to the license for printed magazine no. 114/GP-BTTTT in April 22nd 2013 and the amendment license for printed magazine no. 226/GP-BTTTT in June 18th 2013 of Ministry of Information and Communications of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

          Vietnam Social Sciences Review has functions of publishing, introducing and informing the research results on theoretical and practical issues of all local and foreign sciences; disseminating the thoughts and ideas of Communist Party and State, protecting the purity of Marxism – Lenin and Hochiminh’s thoughts. It is also in charge of expanding the international relationship in the field of social sciences.  

  In the beginning, the Review was published in French and English. In the period from 1984 to 1985, the Review was issued every six months then changed to every three months during the period of 1986 to 1989. From 1990 to 2004, the Review was published every two months and basically in English and some French articles. The Russian version was only issued 2 times due to the changes of Soviet at that time. According to the agreement between Soviet Academy of Social Sciences and Vietnam Committee for Social Sciences, the Review was supported by Soviet Academy of Social Sciences in finance, staff training and printing activities. And the review only stopped to release the Russian version when Soviet was in crisis. From 2003 to 2011, the Review was released the Vietnamese version and English version every two months. Since 2012, the review is published every month in Vietnamese and every two months in English.  


Basic Achievements


Vietnam Social Sceinces Review has gone through 30 years of establishment and development with 158 volumes in English and 69 one in Vietnamese up to the September of 2013.  The Vietnamese version is release across the country while English version is for foreign companies in Vietnam as well as global readers and libraries. Today, there are more than 20 places which have the English verion, for example, France, America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Newzealand, Philipines, Thailand, Russia and China.

Articles of the review are those done by local and foreign researchers. The review also picks good research works to release on the speicalize magaznie inside and outside of VASS. Since 2009, the Vietnamese version only published new research works on Vietnmese issues, including many articles of Vietnamese leaders as well as researchers with high reputation.

In each volume, the Review has issued a large amount of research works (12 to 13 articles) done by Vietnamese and foreign researchers who studied on social and sciences fields as Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Sociology, Law, Psychology, History, Archeology, Ethnology, Linguistic, Literature, Culture.  The Review often has topics about President Hochiminh – a hero of the national liberation and a world cultural celebrity on his 100th birthday celebration (1890 - 1990), about 50 years of August Revolution, 40 years of Dien Bien Phu Victory, 25 years of South Vietnam’s liberation, about ethnics, religions, women and family, and globalization so on. Also, the Review has worked with local units to release specialize articles as 100 years of Thang Long – Ha Noi, 200 years of Hochiminh City, the space of gongs culture in Central Highland, Bac Ninh’s quan ho singing, Hung King worship regulations and Ví Giặm folk singing of Nghệ - Tĩnh.  Especially, the Review has cooperated with Laos National Institute of Social Sciences to have some specialized journals about Vietnam’s history and country, as well as traditional values and patriotism through historic changes, background and carreer of national heroes.  Many research papers have analyzed the basic rules of Marxism – Lenin and Hochiminh’s thoughts in depth. The Review has released articles which have applied the Marxism – Lenin and Hochiminh’s ideas in explaning the significant issues of the country, the fighting againts France and America, and the progress of building socialism. In the years of renewal, the Review has published many research works about economy, politics, culture, society, education, sciences, technology, environment, informatics and other topics.  

According to the Resoulution of the 5th Central Committee (8th session) on building and developing the Vietnamese culture in an advance and   imbued with the national identity, the Review has had many research works on culture, cultural history, literature, folk literature and ethnology. It has contributed to clarify the concepts as culture, civilization, national identity as well as have suggestions and solutions to maintain and improve the national culture in the globalization today.

Apart of publishing scientific research works which have summerized theories, the Review has had many artciles to analyze and explain urgen issues of daily life. They are, for example, changing thoughts, relationship in production, changes of labor, modernization, industrialization, urbanization and environmental protection, economic growth and social progress, globalization and international integration, political system, democracy, quality, freedom and other issues.

The Review also leaves some pages for the Document part including documents about economy, culture, history, Communist Party’s thought and policies. It also publishes valuable documents of Vietnamese people those do sciences or cultural works, and documents of ethnics in Vietnam as well as awards, for example, Hochiminh Award and National Award (in the field of social sciences and humanity).

The part of book introduction contains new released books on social sciences and humanity and all esstential features for readers. The Review has also introduced hundreds of quality books and this is one of favorite section of readers.

Vietnam Social Sciences Review is the connection between the press with scientific research and teaching. It has released many scientific works in reputative publishing house. Also, staff of the review has done 7 research works at Ministry level, 10 topics and tasks at Institute level, and join in the national level works with other provinces or foreign partners.  Many staff even have lectures in universities or become the instructors for those who are doing postgraduate education. Another activity of the Review is the international collaboration. The Vietnam Social Sciences Review has relationship with many foreign individuals and organizations as Laos, Japan so on.

In the past 30 years, Vietnam Social Sciences Review has obtained many proud achivements. In 2003, Institute was awarded the Cetification for the excellence at work and an excellent union (Decision no.79/KT in December 23rd 2003) by National Center of Social Sciences and Humanity. In 2004, it received the certification for their contribution to the development of Vietnamese social sciences (Decision no. 92/KT in September 24th 2004) by Vietnam Institute of Social Sciences. In 2007, the Institutte was awarded the Excellent Union (Decision no. 29/KT in January 9th 2008) by Vietnam Institute of Social Sciences. In 2009, it obtained the certification for excellent labor unit by Vietnam Institute of Social Sciences (Decision no.31/QĐ-KHXH in January 12th 2010); The VISS also awarded the Competition Flag for the Review while the labor union received the certification in 2008 and 2009.  In 2010, the Review was awarded Competition Flag of Government and Certification of Prime Minister. In 2012, the Review also had good achivements as Excellent Labor Unit and strong labor union.  Especially, the Vietnam Social Sciences Review was awarded the 3rd class Labor Order under the decision no. 1887/QĐ-CTN in October 9th 2013 on its 30th year celebration.

During the establishment and development, the Review always follow the political orientation of Communist Party and State. The Review has qualified scientific quality and reputation with local and foreign readers and become a trusted sources of information for those who are interested in leanring about social sciences, especially foreginers who would like to learn about the life and culture of Vietnam. Up to now,  Vietnam Social Sciences Review is an important magazine of VASS and it will improving the quality as a mouthpiece of VASS and forum of the researchers who do on social sciences or work in fields related to the social sciences from now until 2020.