Vietnam Academy Of Social Sciences
Name: Development Research and Consultancy Centre
Address: Floor 15, No 1, Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Functions and Tasks

Development research and consultancy center (DRCC) is an independent consultancy and research institution established in 1990, affiliated to the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences. DRCC is a financially independent organization, which is not funded by the Government Budget and operates under the science and technology law. DRCC has 2 main tasks:

  1. Manage, coordinate, and carry out research projects on development, especially emphasizing “sustainable development”, in culture, socio- economy, and environment.
  2. Provide information, consult Government’s policy - maker agencies, development projects, researchers, national and international managing agencies on development issues

Particular subject of research, consultancy and support:

  • Research and policy advice to agencies and organizations in the field of social sciences and humanities.
  • Research and strategy development, planning and local development in Vietnam
  • The community in rural and urban areas
  • To study the activities related to migration
  • Women, Children and family
  • Ethnic minority groups and Vulnerable groups

Areas of operation and expertise

Research activities focusing in particular on development research in Vietnam:

  • Development theory and Funds for development
  • Raise public and culture awareness and contribution to development and Regional development scheme
  • Environment, culture, and sustainable development
  • Ethnic minority groups and development
  • Human resource and community development

Consultancy activities through socio- economic development projects (sponsored by domestic and foreign agencies)

  • Training, dissemination and building intellectuals to support development
  • Build sustainable development projects, provide information relevant to areas of development
  • Provide information relevant to development field and consultancy services for development.
  • Survey and assess development projects and provide consultancy experts for development projects

DRCC has human resources of more than 40 good consultants who have been trained with Doctorate, Masters degrees from well-known universities of United States, Japan, Germany, Australia... and Viet Nam in sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Environment and History. DRCC have implemented and is implementing State level and ministry-levels researches, regional and local development projects on development, particularly on burning issues in the current socio-economic life such as regional and local planning development, migration, resettlement for industrial zone construction, evaluation social impact, environmental evaluation, poverty reduction and hunger eradication, cultural development, consultation and development of ethnic minority funded by World Bank and Asia Development Bank.

DRCC is an organization researching and consulting in social sciences and humanities. DRCC’s organization mechanism is as followings: Director Board ; Project Management Department is to implement professions including researches and consultation service in socio-economic and environmental issues ordered by domestic and international organizations ; Development Research Department is with duty to implement development researches according to socio- economic interdisciplinary method ; Accounting - Administrative Department.

DRCCs’ staff have been trained well and regularly participated in retraining courses or training courses to improve professions. DRCC’s proposed consultants are experienced in similar projects and trained well in skills relating to their proposed position. There will be supportive staffs for each project proposed consultant. At any position, we are willing to assign one more staff with equivalent qualifications to together participate in the project and these supportive staffs will not be taken into account of costs for the project. We are ready to change any consultant if there are opinions from CPU to ensure service quality.  It is not difficult for DRCC’s proposed consultants and staff to go for field work in difficult terrain area.  DRCC has a network of collaborators widely, who are researchers in the institutes affiliated to Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences as well as other organizations nationwide. DRCC has facilities and other conditions such as cars, office, telephones, tape-recorders, fax machine etc. to serve the project.

Recently, DRCC has implemented more than 20 development research and consultancy projects for international organizations, state management organizations, trade companies on economy, culture, social and environmental issues.

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