Vietnam Academy Of Social Sciences
Name: Institute of Regional Sustainable Development
Phone: 84 -4 -2 2423047
Fax: 84-4.6 2730448
Address: Floor 6, No.1 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi

Functions and tasks of Institute of Regional Sustainable Development


The Institute of Regional Sustainable Development has the functions of conducting theoretically and practically basic research on sustainable development of the North from the perspective of social sciences; providing scientific grounds for building orientations, setting up strategies and making policies of rapid and sustainable development for the North. It also undertakes the function of providing consultancy and graduate/postgraduate training in the field of sustainable development and taking part in developing the potential of social sciences of the whole country.


Research activities of IRSD are conducted through programs and projects at the State, Ministerial levels as well as other research programs/projects in cooperation with local and international organizations, other institutes, universities in the region and in the world as well. It also provides academic consultancy service in accordance with its functions and tasks.

The Institute also combines research and training activities together in the field of sustainable development. Training for enhancement of sustainable development knowledge is also held by the Institute. It takes part in high-qualified human resource development to meet the needs of VASS specifically and the whole country generally.

System of research projects of the Institute mainly focuses on the following areas:

1. Basic research, including:

Theoretical issues of the regional sustainable development in internalization and globalization;

The laws of the regional sustainable development in correation with experience of local and international development.

Theoretical and practical issues in exploitation, management, use, and development of sustainable development resources in rural, mountainous, and ethnic minority areas.

Theories of industrialization, urbanization, and moderization in regions from the perspective of sustainable development.

Theoretical and practical issues of linkages in the regional development.

Basic surveys with factors of sustainable development in eco-economic regions in the North.

2. Applied research, including:

Application of social science and humanity research findings from the regional development in local practical development of different areas of the North.

Provision of scientific basics and grounds for designing and implementing socio-economic, cultural, and environmental strategies, programs and projects relating to the North and local areas in the region.

Case studies by themes and by local areas of development.

3. Consultancy focuses on policy-making recommendations and strategy planning for the regional and specific local development; provision of critical assessments of programs and projects aiming at the regional and local sustainable development.

4. Knowledge propaganda and dissemination, including:

Printing and publiccation of research and training literatures on the regional and local develoment.

Dissemination of knowledge on the regional and local sustainable development through mass media, conferences and training courses.