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Functions & Tasks

Institute of State and Law has its predecessor agency as Law School Team of State Committee of Sciences (belonged to Vietnam Social Sciences Committee) then changed to Vietnam Institute of Social Sciences, National Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities, and now as Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS).

Over the past 45 years of building and growing up, the organization structure of Institute of State and Law currently includes the board directors of Institute, 11 researching and science applied – units, 3 functional units and the State and Law Magazine.

The basic function of Institute is to study on fundamental issues related to State and Law; to provide the scientific evidence for making strategies and policies which are used for the development and building State and law; and to offer the post – graduate education for law faculty; to build the potential resources of whole country’s law school; to have law advisory and provide law related information for units, organizations and individuals.

The rights and obligations of Institute of State and Law are to submit strategies and plans for every year and 5 year – term to the President of VASS then to implement them after approval; to do research on political, democratic, state and legal system; to do research on theoretical and practical issues of how to organize the political and legal system as well as State mechanism and to study their operating methods; to combine the research with training in the field of State and law; to organize post- graduate programs and build the high qualified human resources based on the requirements of VASS and other institutions; to comment in projects and programs of social – economic development as the assignment of VASS for local units; to offer scientific advisory and services in social – economic issues which are in scope of VASS; to have international collaboration in research and training based on current regulations; to sign contracts on scientific studies and application with local and foreign research organizations according to Vietnamese law and VASS’s regulations; to exchange information with domestic and oversea institutions; to manage documents, library and publish scientific works to all people; to manage organizations, mechanism, working positions and resource structure based on the level and the number of staff in an unit, the asset and expense of the Institute of State and Law and the classification of VASS; to implement other duties assigned by the Director of the Institute.

a) The major achievements of Institute of State and Law in scientific research

Research works on state and law is the basic function of Institute of State and Law. As a result, Institute has been awarded many significant achievements in this key field of operation during its development over the years.

In the past 45 years, Institute of State and Law have successfully organized hundreds of research projects on theories and practice of state and laws.

Since 2004, Institute of State and Law has directly joined in 9 projects at State level, 50 topics at Ministry level or belong to the Research Programs managed by VASS. Institute has more than 10 projects which are implemented and applied in all fields of the legal science each year.

Most of research results are published and evaluated as highly diversified, for example:

- The series of Researches on State and Law published by Sciences Publishing House every year in the period of 1959 - 1967;

- Books on State and Law published by Labor Publishing House and edited by Vietnam Lawyer Association each year in the period of 1967 - 1975;

- Institute or its scientists have written or edited over 40 books in the field of State and Law studies.

- Hundreds of books on legal sciences have been edited with the participation of Institutes’ researchers;

- Dozens of yearbook of Scientific Workshop have been published. They reflected viewpoints and conclusion made through National and International workshops held by Institute;

- Almost 50 text books are being used for law education in university and post – graduate courses. Most of them were research works done by Institute or Institute’s researchers.

- Near 1000 articles published on specialized reviews as State and Law Magazine, Democracy and Law Magazine, Magazine of Legislature Studies, Law School Magazine, Procurator Magazine, Public Court Magazine, Investigator Magazine …

Institute of State and Law have become the key unit in the implementation of VASS’s political duties on “Summary of the implementation of 1992 Constitution 1992 in 2 recent years (2012-2013). It could be considered as a feedback to the requirements of State and the Committee for the Amendment of the 1992 Constitution. Also, Institute’s researchers have participated in activities of the group for the Draft of the 1992 Constitution as well as research and discussion events for the direction and demand of amending the 1992 Constitution. As a result, Institute’s contribution has been received positive evaluation and recognition.

Based on the reputation, Institute of State and Law has been assigned to prepare proposal for some projects related to documents of Central Committee of the State on building and completing State, Law, justice reformation, administration reformation, land policies, renewing operation method of Vietnamese Fatherland Front and public, advisory and social reviews of Vietnamese Fatherland Front and other social – political organizations… Since 2005, Institute has had their comments in most of drafts of Legal Acts, Law and Decree and these comments are always valuable and highly useful for the progress of amending legal documents.

Institute has given correct evaluation about the status of implementing law in many fields of social life and pointed out factors as well as barriers affecting the progress of applying law in life through social survey and research. From this viewpoint, Institute has many suggestions and recommendation which are practical for completing the legal system and improve the legal effects in Vietnam.

b) Law education and training activities

As the first unit assigned to organize post – graduate courses, Institute has written the training framework for researchers and those who study the post – graduation on Law; created topics as the teaching documents; organize the teaching staff by inviting Institute’s scientists and other training centers; the collaboration between Hanoi Law University and Hochiminh Law University; directly organize examination and have research programs at various levels. They are the foundation for Institute to educate hundreds of researchers and about 800 post – graduates in Law.

Researchers of Institute also give lectures in training courses in most of law training center held by local institutions and offices.

Since January of 2010, Institute of State and Law has passed its training functionality to Graduate Academy of Social Sciences (a unit of VASS) and kept collaborating with the Academy for post – graduation on law. Institute of State and Law’s staff is joining in training management and having classes in law department. It is the significant contribution to the achievements of Academy over the years.

c) Journal

Law School Journal (known as State and Law Journal today) was first published in August 20th 1972.  It was out once a year (1972) and up to 3 times per year (1973), four times per year (1974 – 1993), 6 times per year (1994 -1995), 9 times per year (1996) and become monthly magazine since 1997. The magazine had only 64 pages for the period of 1972 to 2000, then up to 72 pages (2001 - 2003), 80 pages (2004) and 84 pages since 2005. The numbers of journal, which are published each time, are about 1300 to 1700 units. Since the fourth quarter of 2006, State and Law Journal have been published in both Vietnamese and English (4 times per year).

Today, State and Law Journal plays a role as the mouthpiece of Institute of State and Law, of law school, and the forum of researchers on State and Law.

Articles of the Journal basically focused on solution to theoretical and practical issues in the management and organization of State, in the building and implementation of legal system. In recent years, magazine has published many articles about the renewals of State and law, the renovation of political system, building a law – governed socialist state; and about the political and judicial reformation…The State and Law Journal is now one of the publish which has significantly contributed to the building and development of new research direction in Vietnamese Law school, for example, law on comparison, public society, jurisdiction and constitution, the responsibility of  compensating for foreign states and law...

The President of the Social Republic of Vietnam issued the Decision no. 1179/QĐ/CTN and awarded the 2nd class Labor Order for the Journal of State and Law in August 13th 2012 due to institution’s achievements in publishing scientific knowledge.

d) International Collaboration

Before 1991, the international collaboration was widely implemented between research institutes of socialist countries, especially research units on State and Law of Soviet and the German Democratic Republic. There were some joint projects singed and implemented while many international workshops were organized. The topics are diversified including legal sciences, political sciences with the participation of many representatives from Institute of State and Law.

From 1991 to now, Institute of State and Law has expanded its collaboration with some research and training centers in Japan, the Federal Republic of Germany, Korea, Thailand, China, Norway, Denmark … There are more visits between countries for the scientific knowledge exchange and workshops. Researchers have had chances to discuss with foreign scientists and help them to understand issues that Vietnamese researcher are interested in. Also, it is the occasion for Institute’s researchers to enrich their knowledge about the sciences of State and Law, about the political sciences and human rights…

From 2004 to now, Institute has organized hundreds of scientific seminars in different scale. They expand the international collaboration with many other countries as Japan, Germany, Korea, France, America, China... and this has become the foundation for Institute to hold more international seminars on topics related to sciences of law.

Institute of State and Law has become important in the system of VASS’s research centers.

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