Vietnam Academy Of Social Sciences

In light of globalization and international integration, VASS has emphasized the strengthening and development of its resources in social sciences as well as the expansion of international exchanges and collaborative relations. Its focus is twofold: the publicizing and promotion of the country’s cultural values, heritages and the people’s development achievements; viewing world achievements as inspirational for further strengthening social sciences in Vietnam in the future.

In the field of social sciences, VASS’ researches have focused on the system of politics, social structure, social management model, social security and poverty reduction toward sustainability, and the issues of a rule-of-law socialist state. VASS has carried out a number of researches on economic restructuring, transformation of growth model, public debts and economic recession throughout the globe. Significant contributions have been made by VASS to the building of socio-economic development policies in the direction of green growth and sustainability. The findings of many research projects carried out by VASS have clearly pointed out the dialectical relationships among the market economy, rule-of-law state and civil society, which are the decisive factors to sustainable development of the country.