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Socio- economic changes in household


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To boost the development of economy while ensure the advancement and social justice are the goal of Vietnam that has been carried out during the period of modernization and globalization. However, the socio-economic development of Vietnam has to face with significant challenges, especially, in terms of households, community as well as individual.

The contents of “Socio-economic changes in household” based on results of initial analysis of data from the household survey on socio-economy in all regions of the country conducted by Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences in 2003-2004 VN combined with information from other sources about the development of Vietnam by Vu Tuan Anh and Nguyen Xuan Mai. 

The book focused on reflecting the picture of social – economy in Vietnam on significant changes in life of people, to explore the effects of these changes whether or not can meet the demand of society, community and households; to study the quick economic growth in previous time under the effects of renewal policies which raise many challenges to socio-economic development in rural and urban areas, major regions and big economic zones…

The book has five chapters:

Chapter 1: The actual situation of socio - economic development of household in rural areas.

Chapter 2: The actual situation of socio - economic development of household in urban areas.

Chapter 3: The actual situation of standard of living classification.

Chapter 4: The situation of implementing policies to support socio – economy for minority ethnic groups.

Chapter 5: Testimonials of people on socio – economic development situation towards public authorities.

To focus on analyzing the impact of macro-level policies on micro level in perspectives of life, economy, society, culture… the book provides comprehensive information to readers on the general trend of development as well as specific problems in areas, industries, and regions.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Pham Vinh Ha

Author :
  • Vu Tuan Anh and Nguyen Xuan Mai