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Human right to access multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary laws


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Publication year: 2010


Human right is the long-term development achievement of the humankind society history, one of the most valuable and most noble spiritual values of the humankind civilization in the today’s era. The question is to be profoundly and comprehensively aware of value of the human rights and bring into full play the development of human. For this very reason, human right receives research attention from many social sciences.

Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary access to human rights is being formed and ascertained in many countries in the world, which brings about great values in various aspects both in science and life. The research on human rights under law interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary method not only creates general knowledge system on human rights, creates wider and more democratic environment for the research on human rights, research result will be served better, ensured, respect, exercise and protect human rights better but also has connection with human rights research agencies, organizations and specialists in all legal sciences.

To enable the reader to study these issues, we are honored to introduce the book entitled Human rights: Access to laws multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, including 2 volumes, in which Prof. Dr. Vo Khanh Vinh, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences acts as the chief editor. Volume 1 consists of 383 pages, volume 2 consists of 350 pages. The book is sized 16x24cm, printed and legally copyrighted in March 2010. This is the research within the framework of the Project for “Education forum on human rights at graduate and postgraduate levels” under the Public Management and Administrative Reform Program under the Sponsoring Agreement between the Government of Denmark and the Government of Vietnam. The book focuses on such issues as Theoretical and historical issues on human rights, performance assurance and human rights protection; International protection of human rights; Human rights in Vietnam: General issues; Human rights and law sectors. This work has great theoretical and practical significance with many profound and abundant issues.                                             

    Ha Vinh

Author :
  • Vo Khanh Vinh (chief editor)