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Republic of Turkey and cooperation capacity of Vietnam to 2020


Contacting Address: Institute for Africa and Middle East Studies; Social Sciences Publishing House

Publication year: 2013

Pages quantity: 239

The Republic of Turkey is  a country with special geopolitical, geostrategic importance, have an outstanding role in the Asian – European region with a very impressive development achievement, help this country to be ranked in the group of 15 largest economies in the world. The research on the issues of Turkey will help Vietnam have more clear information about an important partner nation in the Middle East and from that to propose the strategic measures to strengthen the relations with Turkey in particular and extend its presence in the Middle East region in general. On the basis of such judgments, the research work Republic of Turkey and cooperation capacity of Vietnam to 2020 clarifies the main issues in chapter 3:

Chapter 1: Overview of Republic of Turkey. The author focused on research into the Republic of Turkey and clarified the overall information about this country, analyzed the information such as geographic position, country, people, brief history, natural resources, characteristics of the political system, characteristics of the economy, culture and religion…

Chapter 2: Some outstanding development issues of the Republic of Turkey. In this chapter, the author clarified the outstanding development  issues of Turkey in the current period, such as reform to join the European Union, develop the special relationship with the United States, affirm the role of Turkey in the Middle East region.

Chapter 3: The advantages of Turkey in the international relations and cooperation capacity with Vietnam to 2020. In this chapter, the author presented the evaluation, judgement about the development case of Turkey with the main focuses: National advantage of Turkey considered through the differences of the development model and long-term development prospect; Evaluate, judge and propose the specific recommendations about the method of developing the cooperative relationship between Vietnam - Turkey to 2020.

Hopefully, the book will help readers to enrich their knowledge about the Republic of Turkey and Vietnam – Turkey cooperative relationship to 2020.  

                                                                                                                        Nguyen Thu Ha

Author :
  • Assoc.Prof. Dr. Bui Nhat Quang