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Regional social impact of the industrial zones in Vietnam


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During the national development, many economic activities cause the social problems. Then such social issues emerge the political consequences. Meanwhile, the economic activity can be adjusted when the unreasonableness is found, the social problems are not easily overcome. Their political consequences are difficult to be solved. Therefore, it is necessary to find the social consequences of the economic activities for timely adjustment of such activities. The development of industrial zones is one of the economic activities that emerge both positive and negative social consequences.

The regional social impacts of an industrial zone are just the direct and indirect impacts on the life of the people in the localities next to those industrial zones. An industrial zone has a lot of regional social impacts, for example, impact on job and occupation; income and living standards, consumer opportunities and public services; urbanization and infrastructure; demographic impact, environmental and health impact; impact on social order and safety; impact on culture and traditional values...

The book is the result of the cooperation task in scientific research under the Protocol “Industrial zones and export processing zones in Vietnam: Regional social impacts” conducted by the Institute of World Economics and Politics in two years 2010 and 2011. The book focuses on finding, evaluating and analyzing the regional social impacts of the development of industrial zones on the population communities in the localities surrounding the industrial zones. At the same time introduce some experiences of the East Asian countries in the regional social impacts of industrial zones.

The content is presented in 3 chapters. Chapter 1 - Development of industrial zones in Vietnam - overview of development history, characteristics of the industrial zones in Vietnam. Chapter 2 - Regional social impacts of the industrial zones in Vietnam - present the results of research on regional social impacts in Vietnam.

Chapter 3: Experience of East Asia. The authors mention to some experiences in regional social impacts of the industrial zones in 8 countries in East Asian countries, from Japan in the North to Indonesia in the South.

The conclusion proposes some recommendations to limit the negative regional social impacts of the industrial zones in Vietnam.

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Author :
  • Nguyen Binh Giang (Chief editor)