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5 years of joining the World Trade Organization of Vietnam


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Publication year: 2013

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The event as an official member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) has a historical significance for the international economic integration process of Vietnam. After this event, our country officially integrated with the world widely and deeply, equally as other WTO members. The commitment to joint WTO is legally high binding, forces Vietnam to prepare very carefully to comply with the general rules of this global institution.

Joining the World Trade Organization brings about a lot of opportunities and also many challenges to our country. After joining, Vietnam has made significant efforts to take advantage of the opportunities brought by the WTO: improve the business environment, export growth, and attract foreign investment... However, this process also creates instabilities for the economy when the Government and enterprises have not had timely and effective measures before the external impacts.

        The book “5 years of joining the World Trade Organization of Vietnam” is presented in 4 chapters. Chapter 1: International and local context after Vietnam joined the WTO. This chapter focuses on analyzing the international and local context after 5 years Vietnam as member of WTO, clarifying the international and local factors impacting on Vietnam, as well as to see more clearly the impact of joining the WTO and other impacts.

     Chapter 2: The process of implementation of the commitment to join the WTO of Vietnam. Analyze the implementation of the commitment in practice (the problems forced to be changed by WTO), on the basis of this analysis to clearly see the opportunities and challenges in the implementation of commitment and ability to cope with the policy of Vietnam.

    Chapter 3: Institution reforms and adjustments to implement the WTO integration. The author analyzed the efforts to reform and change the institution in Vietnam.

    Chapter 4: Overall assessment and policy recommendations. This chapter focuses on the general assessment of Vietnam’s WTO integration process after 5 years, thereby, recommend the policy for Vietnam to integrate successfully and effectively into the WTO in the next years.

    The authors summarized, evaluated the implementation of commitment by Vietnam after 5 years of joining the WTO and draw lessons for the Government and business sector to have more timely and effective policy responses against the external impacts.

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   Nguyen Thu Ha

Author :
  • Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Thuan (Chief editor)