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Family rite of Mang people in Vietnam


Cơ quan soạn thảo: Institute of Social Sciences of Central Highlands

Contacting Address: Social sciences Publishing House; Institute of Social Sciences of Central Highlands

Publication year: 2014

Pages quantity: 263

The book is developed from content of the same name thesis and research results of the author in many years (from 2002 to now). The book’s content mainly describes real rite in families of Mang people (a ethnic minority in Vietnam), that are presented in 5 chapters.

Chapter 1 provides basic theoretical fundamental of rite in family, concretizes some definitions (rite, family, family rite, parturition, marriage, funeral, customs, habits, avoidance); raises clearly function of rite (psychological and social order re-produced functions); applies functional theory, cultural change for explanation of family rite that have function of belief and spirit culture; and finds that change of the rites is close to impact process of environment of nature, economy, society, ect. that affect life of the ethnic minority.

Chapter 2 generalizes research documents of Mang people in Vietnam in many angles (natural condition, history, population) and characters of economy, culture, society order to generate fundamental for scientists in comparative research to other ethnic minorities in Vietnam who have small population and the same language.

Chapter 3, 4 describes family rite system of Mang people in Vietnam, that is: (i) Cycle rite of human life (parturition, feeding and educating children, marriage, examining and treating patients, funeral); (ii) Rites of career, peaceful life seeking, ancestor and gods worship, and festivals, Tet.

Chapter 5 presents trend of family rite change (cycle rite of human life, rites of career, peaceful life seeking, ancestor and gods worship, and festivals, Tet) that contributes to clearing value of family rite of Mang people in Vietnam and social changes nowadays.

The author deeply analyses change trends of Mang family rite, and affirms that family rite plays a important role in cultural file of ethnic minorities. Cause of rite change is from objective changes of the state’s general economy, society, culture, law and policies, and subjective factors (exchange and acculturation with other ethnic minorities). The work is useful scientific research documents for the sate administrative offices to reference and develop suitable policies in order to preserve and promote cultural value of Mang people in Vietnam.

Hopefully the book will provide the profession as well as concerned readers customs, habits, family rite of ethnic minorities in general and Mang people in particular.

Nguyen Thu Trang

Author :
  • Dr. Nguyen Van Thang