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Cultural life of residents in Hanoi


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After Hanoi capital was extended, there is more obvious expression of differences among residential areas in Hanoi in living standard in general and level of cultural enjoyment in particular. Therefore it is necessary to have comprehensive research that properly evaluates situation of cultural life and need of cultural enjoyment of residents in Hanoi. This will be a foundation to suggest recommendations for enhancement of living standard and need of cultural enjoyment to households in particular and people in the Capital in general.

The book “Cultural life of residents in Hanoi” is initial study result of cultural life of residents in 24 communes in Hanoi Capital that was conducted by Department of Cultural, Sports and Tourism of Hanoi city in coordination with the Institute for Family and Gender Studies (the Vietnam Academy of social sciences). The book concentrates on analysis of current situation and development tend of some aspects in cultural life of residents in Hanoi, in which there are enjoyment level of cultural and entertaining activities. Analysis of current situation of cultural life of residents in Hanoi is presented in issues as follows:

- Some cultural and entertaining forms including entertaining forms in families; contents usually seen in the media; public entertaining forms; sports for entertainment; and forms of foreign cultural products.

- The customs and habits in relevance to sad and happy issues of families: Analysis of situation and change tend of customs and ritual concerning weddings and funerals.

- Relations in families and relatives: Mentioning some factors that generate meanings of life; meanings and evaluation of relations in families and relatives; issues in relevance to organization of family events and people who make the final decisions on important family issues.

- Credence, religious and festive activities: Analysis of some activities (rite in pagoda, worship in home, participation in festivals) and attitudes in credence, religious life of families in Hanoi.

- Community activities including activities of community culture, clubs, unions, sports and culture in residential areas…

- Other issued in relevance to development of cultural institutions in Hanoi and characters of family life of residents in Hanoi.

The book provides a relatively comprehensive picture of cultural life of residents in Hanoi in the decade in the early twenty-first century. In the conclusion, the authors judge that residents in Hanoi have rich cultural life with quite high participation in some form of cultural, artistic and entertaining activities in extent of both family and community. Besides, family life in Hanoi shows obvious expression of characteristics of urban family in the process of industrialization and modernization.

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Author :
  • Nguyen Huu Minh (Chief Author)