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People, Environment and Culture


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Publication year: 2014

Pages quantity: 726

Human existence is inextricable with natural and humanistic ecological environment, and social environment. This issue is not only pure theoretical, but also of very important meaning in cognitive process, and impacts on practice of social - economic development of our country currently.

The book “People, environment and Culture” aggregates articles (with supplementations, amendments) on the above mentioned subject of the author Nguyen Xuan Kinh released in conferences, journals from 1991 until the present. Through the book, readers will image Vietnamese people in relation to natural and social environments, and themselves. Vietnamese people were put in specific periods and historical stages by the author in specific forms: farmers, townspeople, craftspersons, traders, confucian scholar, new intellectuals…; in aspects of food, costumes, travel and work; in some expressions of social and spiritual culture. In addition to types of people in public classes, readers see somewhere portrait of kings, officials in independent monarchy via their policies, work and speeches; and consequences of French colonialism and role of French culture to our country from the end of nineteen century to August Revolution in 1945.

The book consists 23 articles, in which there are 11 articles that have been released from 2005 to the present in order of relevance to content, not by publishing time, those are: 1. People and environment; 2. Conduct of Vietnamese people to water; 3. Culture exposure and acculturation; 4. Ancient culture, traditional culture and cultural tradition; 5. About Vietnam’s cultural divergence; 6. Traditional culture of the Great Viet’s people in the period 939 – 1884; 7. Kitchens of Vietnamese people; 8. Food of Vietnamese people in the stage 1884 – 1945; 9. Loin-cloth and clogs, expressions of costume culture; 10. Road, traffic transportation and travel of Vietnamese people in the period 939 – 1884; 11. Road, traffic transportation and travel of Vietnamese people in the period 1884 – 1945; 12. Families and clans of Vietnamese people in the period 938 – 1884; 13. Changes in families of confucian scholar in the stage 1884 – 1945; 14. From customary through conventions to legislation; 15. About rewards by Monarchy, villages and communes; 16. Role of folk culture in expression of national culture character; 17. Festival periods of Vietnamese people; 18. Intellectuals in countries with Orient confucian tradition; 19. Hanoian elegance expressed in writings and human being of writer Vu Ngoc Phan;  20. Traders, market and money in past society; 21. Folk craftpersons; 22. Vietnam’s agriculture in the stage 1884 – 1945; 23. Occupation and professional villages with strategy of transfer of economic structure, social – economic development.

Phuong Hoa


Author :
  • Pro. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Kinh