Vietnam Academy Of Social Sciences

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Social Sciences

Vietnam Institute of Economics
•    Institute of Sociology
•    Institute of Psychology
•    Institute of Philosophy
•    Institute of State and Law
•    Institute of Human Studies 
•    Institute of Human Geography​

Human Sciences

•    Vietnam Institute of Literature 
•    Institute of History 
•    Institute of Linguistics 
•    Institute of Archaeology 
•    Institute of Han-Nom Studies 
•    Institute of Cultural Studies​ 
•    Institute of Anthropology 
•    Institute for Religious Studies 
•    Institute for Family and Gender Studies

International Studies

Institute of World Economics and Politics​
•    Institute for Northeast Asian Studies 
•    Institute for India and Southwest Asian Studies 
•    Vietnam Institute of American Studies 
•    Institute of Chinese Studies 
•    Institute for Southeast Asian Studies 
•    Institute for European Studies 
•    Institute of African and Middle East Studies​

Regional Studies