Vietnam Academy Of Social Sciences

The Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences always places great importance on building strong relationships with national and international organizations. Together they help enhance knowledge, increase expertise, and strengthen research methodology through the organization of workshops, seminars, and conferences.  The participants include: VASS experts and researchers, officials from Vietnamese Ministries, sectors and provinces, scholars from international research and training institutions and diplomats from foreign embassies in Vietnam. These conferences, seminars and workshops are the fora where scholars, executives, and diplomats exchange viewpoints, and share knowledge, research outcomes and latest findings.  They also learn about updated interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research methodologies in the social sciences and humanities.

Together with the Vietnam National University, VASS is the co-host of the International Conference on Vietnamese Studies, which has been held once every four years since 1999, with the participation of thousands of national and international Vietnamese studies scholars. In 2012, VASS took the initiative in collaborating with the Lao Academy of Social Sciences and the Royal Academy of Cambodia to jointly sponsor annual conferences.  They are alternately organized by each Academy in order to discuss in-depth social science topics related to the concerns of all three parties.​