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Cultural Conference Announcement 2016


Cultural Conference Announcement 2016 was held in the headquarter of the Institute of Cultural Studies (ICS) at 27 Tran Xuan Soan, Hanoi by ICS on 29 November 2016.

Prof. Dr.  Le Hong Ly made a speech in the conference       Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Cham made a speech in the conference



There were participants including researchers, collectors, administrators and teachers in cultural fields national wide. The delegation included Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Son, Deputy Director of Vietnam Institute of Literature; Dr.Tran Huu Son, Vice Chair of the Vietnam Folk Art and Literature Association; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Thi Hao, Vice Chair of Vietnam Union of Literature and Arts Associations; Dr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan, Director of Institute of Religious Studies. In the Institute of Cultural Studies (ICS)’s side, there were Prof. Dr. Phan Dang Nhat, former Director of ICS; Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Kinh, former Director of ICS, Vice Chair of the Vietnam Folk Art and Literature Association; Prof. Dr. Le Hong Ly, President of ICS; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Cham, Deputy Director of ICS; collaborators, students and fellows of Faculty of Cultural Studies of Graduate Academy of Social Sciences (GASS), along with officials and employees of ICS.

Making the opening speech in the conference, Prof. Dr. Le Hong Ly, Director of ICS affirmed that Cultural Conference Announcement was an annual activity and became a scientific forum for researchers, collectors, administrators and teachers in cultural fields in institutes and universities national wide. This year, the Conference received special attention shown by more presentations than last year, and the scope of research in the presentations was not only expanded but also increasingly diverse and more practical. Besides the traditional research direction in cultural studies, this year ICS focused on the main direction in the system of Ministry level research which was: Homosexual in Vietnam, the issues related to cross-border migration, social networks… Besides that, the system of grassroots level research expanded towards modern cultural aspects such as craft villages, migration, genders… In 2017, there were new research directions in ICS, which was issues related to ethnic identity in modern society; Ethnicity of religions in daily cultural activities; art issues in contemporary society… Furthermore, ICS also coordinated with other national and international organizations to hold scientific conferences and research scientific topics…

The panorama of the conference

84 presentations were chosen from more than 100 ones submitted to Organization department and divided into 6 main contents including (1) General issues (16 speeches); (2) Art (07 speeches); (3) Intellectual culture of ethnic groups (20 speeches); (4) Beliefs (21 speeches); (5) Literature (12 speeches); (6) Village culture (08 speeches). The quantity and quality of the presentations submitted showed that cultural studies had been developed and played an integral role in all aspects of social life, attracted the participation of many researchers, especially young researchers. Through previous cultural announcements, several ideas coming from the presentations were deployed into scientific research. Therefore, ICS had been increasingly developed in multi-dimensional directions, especially the value of folklore and traditional culture had been enshrined in modern society.

The Organization department chose 6 presentations to presented and discussed in the conference including (1) “Cultural Industry in Vietnam – an analysis of impact factors, the process of institutional innovation and effects of policies” (Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong, Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts Studies); (2) “Discourses on gender equality in the family on social networks in Vietnam today” (Dinh Viet Ha, Director of ICS); (3) “Procreation magic ritual in folk life then and now” (Fellows: Do Thi Thu Ha & Pham Dang Xuan Huong, Hanoi National University of Education); (4) “Attempt to explore the relationship between Saman and psychic beliefs to find graves in Vietnam or the endless transformation from Saman through Vietnamese Saman and Saman of ethnic minority related to psychic to find graves” – Prof. Dr. Phan Dang Nhat; (5) “The sacred and crowd psychology in the construction of code of conduct today – Dr. Tran Huu Son, ; (6) “Issues in transmission of Ede’s epic today ” – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kieu Trung Son, ICS.

The Conference received several exchange ideas and discussion of the participants. The exchange opinions would contribute to inspiring new research directions in cultural studies which were multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, covering contemporary cultural practice on the basis of maintaining traditional research directions, contributing to preservation and development of national cultural values./.

Nguyen Thu Ha

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