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Scientific seminar "Learning about India through the Great Master Swami Vivekananda" (14/02/2021)

On the occasion of the 158th birthday anniversary of Great Master Swami Vivekanada (1863-2021), on the morning of January 28, 2020, at the headquarters No. 1 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam Institute of Indian and Southwest Asian Studies (VIISAS) under the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) in collaboration with the Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre organized a scientific seminar with the topic "Learn about India through Vivekananda Professor Swami". The workshop was honoured to welcome Mr. Sri Subhash Gupta, Deputy Ambassador of India to Vietnam and Dr. G.B. Harisha, Director of Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre in Hanoi.

Promote Vietnam's economic growth based on creative innovation (09/02/2021)

On the morning of January 19, 2021, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Economic Institute (Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences) organized a seminar “Vietnam Economic Report 2020: Promote economic growth based on creative innovation”.
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