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Scientific conference “Vietnam's Future Digital Economy”


On 14th December 2018, at the headquarters, No. 1 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), in collaboration with Data 61 Project under Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation held a scientific conference with the theme “Vietnam's Future Digital Economy”.

Ms. Jessica Antherton presented the first report at the conference Ms. Nguyen Thu Nga presented the second report at the conference

Attending the conference was MA. Nguyen Thanh Ha, Director of International Cooperation Department; Ms. Nguyen Thu Nga, Manager of Vietnam's Future Digital Economy Project; Ms. Jessica Antherton, Researcher of the Data61 Strategic Development Team; with the participation of experts and researchers inside and outside the Academy.

Vietnam’s Future Digital Economy Project was a joint project between Vietnam’s Ministry for Science and Technology and Australia’s Data61 in the framework of the Aus4Innovation program of the Australian Embassy in Vietnam, aiming to forecast Vietnam's strategy of digital economic development over the next 20 years. The project focused on the main objectives: studying Vietnamese - Australian cooperation;  applying techniques and strategic forecasts, build a comprehensive picture of Vietnam's economy in the context of the digital economy; in-depth research on the digital impact of Vietnam's manufacturing and agricultural industries, thereby making recommendations, policies and strategies to take advantage of the digital economy and achieve the goals of developing employment income and quality of life, attracting a wide range of stakeholders as well as expert advice and strengthening the strategic forecasting capacity of the parties related in Australia and Vietnam.

The conference was received two reports by Ms. Jessica Antherton and Ms. Nguyen Thu Nga, focusing on reporting the main research results in the strategic forecast of Vietnam's digital economy in the next 20 years.

  The conference panorama

The first presentation, Ms. Jessica Antherton talked about the future of Vietnam's digital economy until 2040. Accordingly, she emphasized the method of strategic vision research and mainstream trends affecting the development of Vietnam's digital economy: emerging digital technologies; quality, equality, humane, personalization, the rise of markets based on value; a miniature world - internationalization; an increase in skills, services and digital businesses and a free employment economy; further focus on cyber and private security; smart city development; cleaner, greener and localized - energy and infrastructure in service of digital network.

The second presentation: Development scenario and proposals, Ms. Nguyen Thu Nga analyzed 04 scenarios for Vietnam's digital economy until 2040. The first scenario was backward if the economy changes slowly and productivity is stagnant; the third scenario - digital exports when the IT industry in Vietnam develops based on outsourcing to other countries, however, the application of internal digital technologies was still low; the fourth scenario - digital consumers when Vietnam's industry used IT products and services from other countries, improving the productivity in all industries. According to Ms. Nguyen Thu Nga, to develop Vietnam's digital economy, it was necessary to focus on the areas of development in infrastructure, digital economy, digital commerce, taxes and laws, e-government & mua sắm đấu thầu, especially innovation, industrial revolution 4.0, network security and data management.

At the conference, delegates discussed mainstream trends in relation to reflecting the motivation for digital economic growth until 2040; the biggest risks affecting the Vietnamese digital economy and what Vietnam could do to avoid economic failures or crises in each scenario...

The conference was a useful academic exchange forum, sharing an overview of knowledge about the digital economy in general. This was a precious scientific information channel that helped researchers of the Academy to refer to research methodology and methods (interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, especially strategic vision methods to assess and improve policies); thereby suggesting new research directions on Vietnam's digital economy, contributing to raising awareness and predictive analytical skills as well as further strengthening the cooperation between Vietnam and Australia on future forecasting.


Nguyen Thu Trang

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