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Announcement of organizing the scientific conference "Digital transformation in European countries and lessons learned for Vietnam"


Europe has many pioneering countries in digital transformation and development of the digital economy and has so far achieved success in many ways. The experiences of European countries are very important and meaningful for Vietnam in the context that Vietnam is promoting the National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with orientation to 2030.
In order to recognize, analyze and evaluate the digital transformation process in European countries, thereby drawing lessons for Vietnam, Institute for European Studies plans to organize a scientific conference with the theme : "Digital transformation in European countries and lessons for Vietnam". The workshop is scheduled to be held on October 8, 2021 in Hanoi.
Sincerely invite delegates, scientists to participate in writing articles for the conference, focusing on the following main contents:
1. Guidelines and policies on digital transformation of European countries.
2. European countries' digital transformation experience in economic sectors such as industry, agriculture, services, etc…
3. The impact of the digital transformation process on the fields of economy, politics - diplomacy, culture - society... of European countries.
4. European countries' digital transformation experience in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and post-pandemic digital transformation trends.
5. Vietnam's perception and perspective on digital transformation in the new context and lessons learned from Europe.
6. State governance of Vietnam (central and local) in the digital transformation process and the possibility of cooperation with European organizations and businesses.
7. Vietnamese enterprises in the process of digital transformation and the possibility of cooperation with European organizations and enterprises.
8. Digital transformation in the socio-cultural life of Vietnam
We look forward to receiving your articles on these topics. If you have a presentation report, please submit your abstract by August 15, 2021, full-text report by September 15, 2021 (Report maximum length 15 pages, presented on A4 size paper. , Times New Roman font, font size 13, line spacing Multiple 1.2).
For more information about the conference, please contact: Mas. Vu Thanh Ha - Department of Scientific Management and International Cooperation; Tel: 0903227859; Email: or Dr. Dinh Manh Tuan - Secretary of the Conference Organizing Committee; Tel: 0988056889; Email:
Source: Institute for European Studies

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