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The 6th International Conference on Vietnamese Studies, jointly organized by the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, is in the top 10 outstanding science and technology events in 2021.


On December 28, 2021, the Vietnam Science and Technology Journalists Club announced the results of a poll of 10 outstanding science and technology events in 2021. The 6th International Conference on Vietnam Studies is The scientific event co-organized by the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences in collaboration with the Vietnam National University, Hanoi, took place in 2 days (October 28-29, 2021) with the honor of being one of the 10 most famous science and technology events in the world turn on in 2021 voted by the Club. This is an annual activity, showing the honor of the press for the country's science and technology activities.

10 events were selected in 6 fields: mechanism and policy, social sciences, natural sciences, applied research, honoring scientists, and international integration. Accordingly, the 6th International Conference on Vietnam Studies with the theme "Vietnam actively integrates and develops sustainably", attracted the participation of 600 domestic and international researchers, discussing about 10 focus areas such as history, economy, politics, international relations, culture, society, environment... The conference organizers received 730 presentations from scholars, experts, scientists national and international studies, in which 400 papers were selected for inclusion in the yearbook and 120 full-text reports. The conference is a valuable opportunity to further promote regional and international research and cooperation; together share lessons learned to solve common problems of the country and humanity, contributing to tightening the friendly cooperation relationship between nations.

Sharing the joy of presenting certificates at the Academy on January 12, 2022, Journalist Ha Hong - the club's president, former Director, Head of the Science Department, People's Newspaper, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Journal The 6th International Conference on Vietnamese Studies is an event in the field of social sciences that is honored to be shortlisted this year, according to the Environmental and Urban Magazine. In addition to the above event, the list of the top 10 outstanding scientific events in 2021 includes: (1). The 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam identified "science, technology and innovation" as one of the strategic breakthroughs (in the field of policy mechanisms); (2). The research work of Vietnamese scientists won the Special Prize of the Asia Innovation Award (in the field of natural sciences); (3). Viettel's smart city model is recognized as the most effective and innovative in the world; (4). Anti-erosion embankment works in Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province; (5). Shirt to cool down and prevent heat for medical staff to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic; (6). Vietnam's "mobile isolation helmet" was honored by WIPO (in the field of applied research); (7). GS.VS. Chau Van Minh was honored by France and Belarus (in the field of honoring scientists); (8). Luc Ngan lychee and Binh Thuan dragon fruit were granted a Geographical Indication Protection Certificate by Japan; (9). Impressive Techfest 2021 (in the field of international cooperation).

Journalist Ha Hong (4th from left) presents the certificate of the 6th Vietnam International Seminar in the top 10 outstanding science and technology events in 2021 to the Academy

On this occasion, Journalist Ha Hong also affirmed: This is the 16th year the voting event has been organized by the Vietnam Science and Technology Journalists Club. Every year, the Academy is honored to participate in a typical scientific event of the year. This is the pride not only of the Academy but also of the Club and all journalists who are carrying out their writing duties on the scientific front. Journalist Ha Hong also expressed her hope for a cooperation project between the Academy and the Club so that scientific information will be increasingly widely advertised, not only among science lovers and research enthusiasts, but also to the general public in the country.

Responding to the opinion of Journalist Ha Hong, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Thi Lan Huong, Head of the Scientific Management Board, welcomed the comments of Journalist Ha Hong and said that it is a necessary job, the Scientific Management Board of the Academy will certainly have some suggestions, promptly consult the Academy's leaders to realize the orientations that both the Academy and the Club are aiming for as soon as possible. On this occasion, Associate Professor, Head of the Scientific Management Board of VASS also deeply thanked the Club and the journalists who have been paying attention to the development of the country's social sciences. , thank you for the recognition that journalists have sent through the votes for the event organized by the Academy and hope in the future, the number of events voted will not stop at 1, but will continue to grow more, showing the unceasing efforts for the common development of the social sciences and humanities of the country.


Pham Vinh Ha

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