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Workshop on “Developing Vietnam's Socio-Economic Development Journal in the new context”


In the afternoon of November 29th, 2018, at the headquarters, Building B, 12th floor, the Journal of Vietnam Institute of Economics from the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) organized a scientific workshop entitled “Developing Vietnam's Socio-Economic Development Journal in the new context” with the participation of many delegates working in journals under the Academy.

Dr. Le Xuan Sang spoke at the workshop  

Dr. Le Xuan Sang, Editor-in-Chief of Vietnam's Socio-Economic Development Journal (VSED) shared that the VSED is one of two VASS's journals has been selected as a pilot and upgraded according to international standards. Over the 25 years of construction and maturity, VSED has become one of the most prestigious English economic journals in Vietnam, with a score of 0.5 on the international scale. During the pilot period, VSED has made remarkable improvements in the form, content, and quality of the research. Besides achieving academic standards, VSED was always "trying" to emphasize "contribution to policymaking" close to the reality of Vietnam to provide readers with the research results in foreign languages. VSED is also the only Vietnamese journal that has been evaluated and ranked by the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC), a panel of 39 members. The editor-in-chief of VSED expressed his hope that the workshop would receive valuable feedback to help the journal improve and implement better the pilot route in the near future.

At the workshop, delegates discussed in a number of issues related to content processing process, norms to be standardized in quotations and cataloging; standardized text structure including summary, page length, and number of words; color, form of cover, number of copies and number of publications by number/year; the release channel; advertisement; issues related to collaborators, compilation, translation...

One of the difficulties that the delegates shared was that the publication and profit after release were very limited. In VASS journals, the obvious characteristic is the "Academic" factor. This factor is both a proud achievement and a "barrier - challenge" in the search for readers for VSED, which causes the publication and the number of rays of journals is still very limited. In addition, the application of IR 4.0 is still quite cautious; due to factors related to human and financial resources, infrastructure in technology application... That is one of the issues that force the journal to find a way to solve the problem.

The conference panorama Delegates exchanged ideas at the workshop

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Le Xuan Sang appreciated the exchange ideas. At the same time, he said that in the immediate future, VSED would continue to step by step solve difficulties, improve the pilot steps in accordance with the roadmap; Reorganize the organization, personnel, resources; To formulate articles regulation and detailed plans; Promote IT application. The magazine would also increase communication activities on the portal of VASS, the Vietnam Institute of Economics's website, Facebook and other media channels as well as seek funding sources, promote sustainable development of the Journal, meeting the requirements in the new context.


Pham Vinh Ha


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