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Fourth Industrial Revolution: Its meaning and impact on global politics.


January 4, 2019, at the headquarters of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), No. 1 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, took place the International Conference with the theme: "Fourth Industrial Revolution: Its meaning and impact on global politics". The conference was organized to exchange and share knowledge as well as strengthen the connection of scholars in the country and the world, which attracted the attention of many delegates from central ministries, boards, and agencies; representatives of units under the Academy, experts, researchers and alumni of Program 165 of the Central Organization Commission a number of news agencies in Hanoi.

Dr. Michael Spann gave a presentation at the conference  

The fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0) has been coming. It will develop very rapidly which is a combination of technology in the fields of physics, digitalization, and biology, creating entirely new possibilities and a profound impact on the world's political, social and economic systems.

At the conference, Dr. Michael Spann, a lecturer at the University of Queensland, School of Political Science & International Studies, gave a presentation on the topic of the meeting which specifically emphasized the nature of the fourth industrial revolution based on digital technology platform and integrating all smart technologies to optimize processes and production methods. The new era of investment, productivity and living standards increased because of human creativity that will have a profound impact on the world's political, social, and economic systems.

According to Dr. Michael Spann, IR 4.0 would have an impact on production activities first, bringing a significant change in production methods, the convergence between physical and digital applications, making up the Internet of Things (IoT) that will change rapidly, widely the entire value chain from research and development to production, logistics to customer service, significantly reducing the costs of transactions, transportations, leading to miracles in production and productivity. In this process, the IoT will affect all industries, from production to infrastructure to health care. Changing the production method when there are modern technologies can connect the real and virtual world, ; In order to produce, people can control the process at their home and still cover all activities of the factory through the superiority of the Internet.

In particular, the emphasis on the impact of IR 4.0 on three outstanding issues: 1). Security of India - Pacific region and 5G network (Case of Huawei and India - Pacific region); (2). Migration and employment impacts by IR 4.0: Case of textile and footwear industry in Southeast Asia; (3). Trade war and IR 4.0: US-China relations, national and local policy implications. Dr. Michael Spann and the attendees exchanged views on many other aspects of IR 4.0 for Vietnam, recognizing the challenges that Vietnam is facing, namely: On the Government side, under the impact of this revolution, the government will have the power of new technology to increase control and improve the social management system. Like other governments in the world, the Vietnamese government will face the pressure to change its current approach to plan and implement policies, in which the most important thing is to improve the role of the people in this process. This will be even more meaningful when Vietnam is entering a new phase of development which requires strong innovation in thinking, high determination of the Government to industrialize and modernize.

On the business side, the cost of transport and information will decrease, logistics and supply chain will become more efficient, trade costs will decline, and all of that will expand the market and boost economic growth. On the supply side, many industries have been witnessing the introduction of new technologies; it has created entirely new ways to cater to current needs and radically change the industry value chains. Therefore, Vietnamese enterprises will have access to modern technologies, improve the quality, speed and price that when transferred it is more valuable.

The conference panorama
In addition, consumers also receive certain benefits when transparency becomes clearer, consumer interest and new patterns of consumer behavior (built upon access to mobile networks and data), forcing businesses to adapt to the way they design, marketing, and provide products and services. When technology and automation take the throne, they will face the pressure of advancing quality, improving and innovating technological lines, recruiting technology-capable personnel, while facing fierce competition of foreign enterprises or problems related to unemployment, female workers' rights, information security, cybersecurity… These are the difficulties in the context that Vietnamese enterprises are still inferior to foreign enterprises in technology, quality of human resources as well as capital.

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