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The IXth International Forum on Socialism, the model of Socialism in the new context: Theoretical and Pratical Issues


On September 12, 2022, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and the Lao Academy Social Economics Sciences (LASES) organized the Forum The IXth international forum on socialism, the model of socialism in the new context of the times: Theoretical and Practical Issues in direct form in Hanoi and online connection in Beijing, China.

Vice President of VASS Dang Xuan Thanh speech opening remarks in Forum

Attending the Forum in Hanoi were Dr. Dang Xuan Thanh, Vice Chairman of VASS, Head of the Organizing Committee of the 9th International Forum on Socialism; Dr. Khanlasy Keobounphanh, Vice President of LASES. At the Beijing bridgehead, China has Prof. Dr. Chan Chiem Dan, Vice President of CASS with the presence of experts and scientists from China, Laos and Vietnam; representatives of the Central Theoretical Council, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, Academy of Journalism and Communication and research agencies in Hanoi.

The International Forum on Socialism is an annual scientific activity alternately organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (with the core being the Institute of Marxism Research), the Institute of Economic Sciences and the Lao National Society (formerly the Lao National Institute of Social Sciences) and the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (with the core being the Institute of Philosophy), started in 2013 and has gone through 8 periods continuous. The main objective of the Forum is to exchange and discuss theoretical and practical issues raised in the process of building socialism in each country; on that basis, summarizing and sharing lessons learned in socio-economic development along the socialist path, as well as consolidating and elevating cooperation and mutual assistance between the two countries and scientific research institutions in socialist countries.

Prof.Dr. Chan Chiem Dan, Vice President of CASS giving the opening speech at the Forum
On behalf of VASS leaders, giving the opening speech at the Forum, Dr. Dang Xuan Thanh warmly welcomed the large attendance of the participants, and affirmed that the topic of the Forum on the Model of Socialism has important meanings in the new context. Accordingly, the socialism model is a core content in the construction of socialism, reflecting the socio-political-economic regime was built on the principles of scientific socialism and suitable for specific conditions of each country. And now, in the world, many models of socialism have existed and developed. Typically, the nearly 45-year-old reform in China and the nearly 40-year-old doi moi in Vietnam and Laos. 
Based on the results of the model of socialism in China, Vietnam and Laos in all fields of economy, politics, culture and society... Dr. Dang Xuan Thanh emphasized, this is an proof of the correctness and intense vitality of scientific theories on socialism, the effectiveness of creative application in specific models of socialism, but also makes for the vision of countries and humanity in the world about the values ​​of socialism is more and more positive.
In addition,  Vice President of VASS emphasized that the current new context and world situation full of changes, complexity and unpredictability is posing a lot of new theoretical and practical problems that socialist countries have to solve satisfactorily in order to create a basis for the next development stages, especially the issues of socialism model. In addition, the task of the communists, the working class and the working people in today's socialist countries is not only  continue supplementing and developing the Marxist-Leninist theory of socialism but also constantly seek and create new, diverse and suitable ways and measures suitable for the specific historical conditions of each country in order to bring the construction of socialism to success and make the road to socialism become popular all over the world. Vice President Dang Xuan Thanh especially emphasized the responsibility of scientists who play an important role in the mission of scientific explanation of theoretical and practical issues about the socialism model in the new context.
Dr. Khanlasy Keobounphanh, Vice President of LASES giving opening remarks

In the opening remarks, on behalf of CASS Leaders, Prof. Dr. Chan Chiem Dan warmly welcomes the participation of representatives of 3 sides. The professor emphasized the purpose of this Forum to discuss issues about the model of building socialism in the new context of the times. The professor also said that the Party Congress is an important event in the political life of the socialist countries. In 2021, the Workers' Party of Korea, the Lao People's Revolutionary Party, the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Communist Party of Cuba have successively held new Party congresses. 2022 is the first year that Vietnam, Laos, North Korea and Cuba implement the spirit of the new Party Congress, and the year the Communist Party of China organizes the 20th National Congress. to be held in October 2022.

Besides, Professor Chan Chiem Dan also pointed out the challenges that socialist countries are facing in the context of a volatile world (the deep awareness of the complexity, urgency and permanence of competition between the two regimes of socialism and capitalism). Therefore, the Vice President of CASS emphasized, strengthening exchanges and mutual learning about development models and development experiences among socialist countries and understanding and grasping the characteristics of nature and requirements of the age on the socialist development model plays an important role in maintaining strategic orientation, enhancing strategic trust, optimizing strategic vision in the new historical period, thereby steadfastly pursuing goals, strongly promote the process of socialist modernization for the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people.

Prof.Dr. Phan Kim Nga, Institute of Marxism Research, CASS host the section 1

On behalf of the Leaders of LASES, giving the opening speech at the Forum, Dr. Khanlasy Keobounphanh expressed the honor to lead the LASES delegation to attend the Forum; thank VASS’s warm welcome and support for the LASES delegation to attend this forum. In the context of globalization and regional and international integration, Vice President of LASES affirmed that defining the socialist model in Lao PDR is a great challenge and a urgent and profound revolutionary comprehensive, long-term and need to improve understanding of the relationship between theory and practice. Thereby, the scientists need to strengthen research, exchange and share, and draw experiences on theory and practice from socialist countries to find a suitable model.

The Vice President of LASES emphasized that the Lao People's Revolutionary Party always adheres to Marxism-Leninism, and Kaysone Phomvihan Thought is the guiding guideline for the organization and operation of the Party to be clean and transparent. strong. Especially, in the current complicated international situation and challenges facing humanity, political parties and countries need to coordinate, cooperate and exchange experiences to be the driving force for development of mankind. The Vice President of LASES expressed his deep belief that the theoretical and practical experience of the socialist model exchanged at this Forum has important and useful implications for the identification of the socialist model in the Democratic Republic of Laos as well as the cultivation and tightening of solidarity among the socialist countries.

Prof.Dr. Pham Van Duc, former Vice President of VASS host the section 2

The IXth International Forum on Socialism received 14 presentations, divided into 03 Discussion sessions, with speakers (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Van Duc, VASS; Prof. Dr. Tan Huong Duong, CASS; Dr. Kham. -pheng Thip-mun-ta-ly, LASES; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Luong Dinh Hai; Prof. Dr. Cung Van, CASS; Prof. Lam Kien Hoa, CASS; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Ha, VASS; Dr. Kham - Salty Siphanxay, LASES; Prof. Dr. Phan Kim Nga, CASS; Dr. Dao Thi Minh Thao, Institute of Philosophy; Assoc. -nha, LASES; Dr. Nguyen Thi Tham, VASS; MSc. Tran Tho Tieu, CASS) focused on discussing the following key issues:

Firstly, it is necessary to continue to have new and deeper studies on the views of the founders of Marxism-Leninism on the socialist model; supplement and develop new contents into the scientific theory of socialism model on the basis of practice of each country, such as: Determining a general model of socialism in the new context, making more clearly the characteristics, characteristics and goals of the socialist model in the new context...

Second, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and challenges in the process of implementing the specific model of socialism in each country; clarify the reality of the model of socialism, which manifests itself in specific fields (economic, political, cultural, social...) in each country; share lessons among countries in the process of implementing specific models of socialism in the new context.

Third, comment on the impacts and influences from the new context on the construction and implementation of the socialism model in the world in general and in each country in particular; clarifying the close relationship and connection between the current models of socialism in the world; analyze the relationship and interaction between the socialist model and the capitalist model in the history of human development in the present period.

Overview in the Forum
The delegates took souvenirs photo in the Forum

The IXth International Forum on Socialism took place successfully. The delegates discussed theoretical issues about the basic principles of universality of the socialism model in the current era; basic characteristics and practical problems posed in the implementation of socialism models. This is the premise in subsequent studies to provide a solid theoretical basis for the construction of socialism in each country. On the basis of exchanging and sharing international experiences on theory and practice in developing the country along the socialist path in China, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba and North Korea, the Forum is also a place for socialist countries showing close ties, international spirit, solidarity for the ultimate goal of successfully building socialism.

Nguyen Thu Trang



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