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Closing and Certification Award Ceremony of Vietnamese Training Course for Korean volunteers


Joining in the ceremony has Dr. Mai Xuan Huy – Deputy Director of Institute of Linguistics; Mr Kim Min Jong, Vice Director of KOICA in Vietnam; Mr. Son Chang Yong and Mr. Choi Jeong Hoon, Volunteers Management of KOICA Vietnam, teachers and students. Having speech at the ceremony, Dr. Mai Xuan Huy – Deputy Director of Institute of Linguistic has offered his congratulations to 13 students who joined in the course. Due to time limit, students only finished the A1 program but they still can understand basic conversations and communicate in normal cases. After the training course, most of grades are good and distinction which showed the effort and determination of students. Dr. Mai Xuan Huy believed that students would be confident to live and work in local provinces of Vietnam with their understanding of Vietnamese culture and language. 

This is significant achievement for students during their term time in Center. Teaching lessons are designed to combine with outside activities such as students prepared food, went for a picnic at Hoa Binh Kid Village, Ho Chi Minh Museum, and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. They are chances to learn about Vietnamese culture and people as the ways to make them know and love Vietnamese. It is also useful for volunteer activities to be effectively implemented.

                          Full view of Closing Ceremony



Students took picture with teachers and representatives at the ceremony


Group of students showed and expressed their emotions about days learning Vietnamese at center through slides of diary which recorded their activities since the first day landed off at airport.  It is about their first feeling when meeting Vietnamese teachers and memories of classes, exams, trip and days learn how to make Vietnamese food…

After the course, 13 students will go to Thai Nguyen and Ninh Thuan to do their volunteer trip during 12 months according to the assignment and arrangement of KOICA Vietnam.

Nguyen Thu Ha

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