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Korea-Mekong Peace Forum 2018: "Peaceful unity on the Korean peninsula and Korean-Myanmar cooperation"


In the afternoon of May 10th, 2018, in Hanoi, the Northeast Asia Research Institute of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (the Academy) collaborated with the Southeast Asia Council of the Peace Advisory Council held Korea- Mekong Peace Forum 2018 with topic "Peaceful unity on the Korean Peninsula and South Korea-Mekhong cooperation."

Prof. Dang Nguyen Anh, Vice President of the Academy  spoke<br> at the forum

Attending the forum, on the Academy side, there were Prof. Dang Nguyen Anh, Vice President of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences; Assoc. Pham Hong Thai, Director of Northeast Asia Research Institute with the participation of many scientists and experts from the Institute of specialized research; organizations, research centers in Korea and other press agencies in Hanoi.

The forum also welcomed many politicians from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and the host country of Korea in the presence of Kim Jeong In - President of the United Nations Peaceful Democratic Advisory Council South East Asia (Chairman of the Advisory Council); HE Mr. Lee Sook-Jin, Vice-President of ASEAN, the Council for Peaceful Consensus and the Ambassador of Korea to Vietnam - Kim Do – Hyon.

Welcome to the forum, Prof. Dang Nguyen Anh, Vice President of the Academy said that the peaceful unity of the Korean Peninsula and the strengthening of Korea's cooperation with Vietnam and the Mekong sub-region countries are becoming a topic of great concern. Specialized research scholars as well as practitioners in Vietnam and Korea. Over the past 70 years, a unified Korean peninsula in peace is not only the burning aspiration of the people of the two Koreas, but also the sincere wish of Vietnamese people as well as all  people who love peace in the world.

In addition, the outcome of the high-level conservation between Vietnam and Korea on the occasion of visiting Viet Nam by South Korean President Moon Jae-in with South Korean government's "new southeast  policy” is opening opportunities to enhance development co-operation for peace and prosperity between Vietnam and South Korea as well as Korea and other countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

Vice-President of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences said that the Forum was an opportunity for scientists from two countries to discuss and share their views on the meaning and importance of peace on the Korean Peninsula, Vietnam-Korea cooperation projects as well as between South Korea and other countries in the Mekong sub-region.

Assoc. Pham Hong Thai, Director of the Northeast Asian Institute of Research made a speech at the forum   Delegates discussed at the forum

Speaking at the opening, Assoc. Pham Hong Thai, director of the North-East Asia Research Institute, said the Korea-Mekong Peace Forum was a continuation of the achievements of the two "Korea-Vietnam Peace Forum" based on the results achieved, the Forum will expand the scope of the discussion to connect the participants from the Mekong region countries with the objective of Strengthen the cooperation between Korea and Vietnam as well as with other countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion for the development of peace and prosperity.

Kim Jeong In, President of the United Korea-United Center for peaceful Democratic Consultative Assembly, South-East Asia, expected to listen to Vietnam's experience in The transnational history of the country divided into two parts of the country, unifying the territory and achieving national harmony as well as development achievements.

The forum overview

The chairman of the Advisory Council said that in the future, North Korea must follow the path of reform and development in the model of a socialist-oriented market economy, which is considered by the phrase "Doi moi " in Viet Nam. It is hoped that when the necessary conditions become ripe, the Advisory Council (Korea) and the Academy (Vietnam) will have the opportunity to invite North Korean experts to held the Peace Forum in Hanoi, actively contributing to the cold war on the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia ended more quickly to create a unified Korean nation as well as establishing a Super Asia or five countries in the Mekong region together to achieve prosperity.

Through the frank and opened discussions at the Forum, researchers, experts and politicians from many countries considered that the role of Vietnam in the Mekong sub-region has become increasingly important as Vietnam is not only thanks to the geopolitical position and the revolutionary struggle in history, but also has active spirit of peace and prosperity in the region. These are the advantages of Vietnam to strengthen its position and prestige in the region as well as playing an important role in  enhancing the effectiveness and spreading in the relationship between the two countries Vietnam - South Korea. /.

Pham Vinh Ha

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