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Scientific Conference with Cuban expert delegation


On the afternoon of April 22nd, 2019, at the 3D Hall, No. 1 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) and the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba coordinated organize the scientific conference with Cuban expert delegation headed by Lieutenant-General Leonardo Ramon Andollo Valdes. The conference was part of the working program on the occasion of the visit and working in Vietnam of the Lieutenant General and the delegates (in the Embassy diplomatic note No.8 sent to the Academy in January 2019 and the meeting between the Embassy and the Academy on February 15th).

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Nhat Quang spoke at the conference  

The conference was co-chaired by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Nhat Quang, Party Central Committee alternate member, VASS's Vice President and Lieutenant-General Leonardo Ramon Andollo Valdes, Deputy Head of the Permanent Commission for the Implementation and Development (Commission), Council of Ministers, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, delegate of Cuba National Assembly of People's Power.

Attending the conference, besides Lt. Gen. Leonardo Ramon Andollo Valdes and Cuban expert delegation, also had the participation of Ms. Admi De La Caridad Valverde Cepero (Leader of the Independent Commission on Social Policy of the Commission); Mrs. Yovana Vega Mato (Deputy Head of the Commission); Mr. Ruben Toledo Diaz, (Leader of the Independent Commission on Planning and Foreign Trade of the Commission); Mr. Arcides Rodriguez Consuegra (Leader under the Commission); Ms. Caridad Del Pilar Madrazo Madan (Leader under the Commission); Ms. Tania Marrero Quitero (Economic Planning Specialist National, Cuba Ministry of Economy and Planning); Ms. Silvia Odriozola Guitar (Lecturer in Economics, University of La Habana); Ms. Natacha Teresa Mesa Tejeda (Lecturer in Business Law, University of La Habana); Ms. Lianys Torres Rivera (the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to Vietnam); Mr. Carlos Alfredo Amores Balbin (Ambassador, official in charge of political and economic affairs). On the Academy side, there was the presence of many leaders of specialized research units, researchers and representatives of the Central Theoretical Council came to the conference.

In the speech at the conference, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Nhat Quang warmly welcomed the Cuban expert delegation, especially the presence of Lieutenant-General Leonardo Ramon Andollo Valdes and delegates from specialized research units of the Academy. At the same time, he emphasized the importance of the conference in providing reasoning facilities to clarify 12 topics set by the expert delegation. VASS’s Vice President expressed his wish that the two sides would discuss frankly and openly about the focus issues. On the basis of sharing achievements and challenges on socio-economic issues; the research results of the Academy through the period, especially those related to sustainable development; related Party and State policy orientations. Thereby, contributing to point out the connotation reasoning, policy implications to help the Cuban delegation having a better overview of Vietnamese process of socio-economic development, going up to socialism in the period before and after the integration…

  Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duc Vinh presented his speech at the conference

Accordingly, with the work program taking place for nearly two days (starting from the afternoon of April 22nd until the end of April 23rd, 2019), the conference was divided into two separate topics: Section 1. Conference on economic issues; Section 2: Conference on social issues. In each section, there were many performances presented and discussed by Vietnamese scientists in detail on the following issues: The planning system in the Vietnamese market economy; Vietnam's economic transformation from a perspective of attracting FDI and trade; Institutional reform and business development in Vietnam after three decades of Doi Moi (Reform): Achievements and raised problems; Coordinate national and local development strategies; Transformation of Vietnam's agricultural development policies and models; The aging population in Vietnam: Status and policy; Current social insurance policy in Vietnam; Bringing Vietnamese workers to work abroad; The relationship between economic and social development, the strategy set out to achieve social justice and poverty reduction. The attention in accommodation issues for low-income people…

Through direct discussions on mutual interest issues, the two sides have clarified the achievements and challenges that each country is facing; the experience from the Academy's research results have received a lot of attention from the delegation Lt. Gen. Leonardo Ramon Andollo Valdes said that the exchanges at the conference have considerable significance for the development of Cuba. The Cuban Party and Government need to gain a deeper understanding of the lessons learned from Vietnam to strengthen and persevere the country's development path. At the 7th Congress, the Cuban Communist Party adopted many important credos to develop the country vision to 2030. Therefore, learning the experience from the overview of practical research on issues related to the socio-economic development of Vietnam will help the Communist Party and the Cuban people get more effective strategies and planning during the national development process.

Prof.Dr. Dang Nguyen Anh spoke at the conference
Evaluation of conference results, Prof.Dr. Dang Nguyen Anh, Vice President of the Academy highly appreciated discussions and exchange questions from the two sides. With the direct exchange on issues related to Vietnam's socio-economic development has been going through, he said that the Cuban delegation should have an overview and absorb more selectively the Vietnam experience lessons to effectively implemented policies into the national development. In the process towards socialism, construction and development of the country consist of many impact connotations and factors that are not only national but also regional and global. Therefore, theoretical basis should be reviewed flexibly, contributing to making the country's development goals more effective in the coming time.

Pham Vinh Ha

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