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Foreign policy of the United States under the administration of President Joe Biden


More than 2 months since taking office and establishing a cabinet, the administration of US President Joe Biden is taking the first steps towards building a new foreign policy. So what first steps did the administration of the new President of the United States take to regain their prestige and position in the international arena?

Workshop "Foreign policy of the United States under the administration of President Joe Biden" by the American Research Institute of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) held on March 23 / 2021 in Hanoi takes place with the aim of exchanging and understanding the foreign policy directions of President Biden in particular and his administration in general, thereby forecasting the trends of these policies. with Vietnam. This event quickly attracted the attention, registration of nearly a hundred delegates who are scientists inside and outside the Academy, policy makers, staff in charge of foreign affairs, leaders of associations, associations and diplomatic organizations in Hanoi capital area ...

Dr. Dang Xuan Thanh, Vice President of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and Assoc.Prof.Dr. Cu Chi Loi, Director of the American Institute of American Studies co-chaired the workshop

With 6 presentations presented, scientists together discussed and clarified issues related to the basic approach and goals in US foreign policy (Dr. Le Dinh Tinh - Institute Strategy Studies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs); US Foreign Policy to Asia (Dr. Nguyen Ky Son, Deputy Director of the Western Europe - North America Department, Party Central Committee Foreign Affairs); US policy towards China and China's response (Dr. Hoang The Anh, Deputy Director of the Institute of Chinese Studies); Europe in the new US policy (Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Chien Thang, Director of the Institute of European Studies); India in the new US foreign policy (Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Xuan Trung, Director of the Institute of Indian Studies and Southwest Asia); Vietnam-US relations under the Joe Biden administration: issues that need concern).

Thereby, it can be seen that at each stage, each US government, under the presidents has its own foreign policy strategy. In the present period, the whole world is watching, analyzing the first steps of the Joe Biden administration to explore strategic shapes in American foreign policy, vol. focusing on issues such as: What is the new administration's approach to international affairs, the basic US goal in foreign relations will be realized; how the balance between domestic and foreign issues will be handled by the new President; How does the United States address international challenges and what are the Joe Biden administration's priorities today.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Cu Chi Loi speaking at the Conference

In addition, the delegates also expressed their special concern about US foreign policy with China and said that although there have been US-China negotiations that have taken place and have been rated by analysts. The price is "a positive," necessary "start to the relationship between the two countries. However, both of these powers have been facing many new challenges that have arisen; Will the US and China set aside these challenges and increase cooperation? How will the future of the US-China relationship be continued; How the effects of the US-China relationship will generate effects on the region and the world are still questions that participants think need to continue to have more research and close follow-up to provides a theoretical basis, practically contributes to the consultation on policy implications for the Party and State of Vietnam in the coming time.

On the other hand, exchanges have also initially clarified that the US-China strategic competition is like a super typhoon and it has drawn most of the Asian countries into the sphere of influence. With 2 + 2 diplomacy, the US is strengthening relations with the countries in the diamond quadrilateral and at the same time wants to strengthen relations with other countries in the region. China is also not out of this effort, with investment and trade activities, it is also showing many efforts to draw countries into the spiral of diplomatic relations related to security, economics and politics of the regional level.

The US's mention of Vietnam as a partner in the recent "Strategic Direction for National Security" report is considered by scientists as a good sign in the bilateral relationship in the context of the US is pushing. and uphold the role of allies. This shows that Vietnam already has an important place in the foreign relations map of the US. However, the new Biden administration, which is based on human rights and democracy at the foundation of foreign policy, has also posed new challenges for Vietnam. Add to that the problem of bilateral trade when the US trade deficit with Vietnam is growing. Therefore, solving the problem of Vietnam's role in the foreign policy of the Biden administration was considered by delegates to be of important significance, thereby contributing to shaping Vietnam's foreign policy with the US.

Workshop overview

Workshop summary, PhD. Dang Xuan Thanh, VASS Vice President, warmly thanked all the delegates and guests for their valuable contributions. At the same time, said that, the workshop took place only after nearly 2 months since the new US President Biden took office, so the workshop will be an important premise for the European Research Institute in particular and the researchers. Science, diplomats in general continue to propose new academic forums, contribute to building the theoretical system, make policy implications to help the Party and the State to have more appropriate directions for the context. the international scene in general and with the foreign policy of the United States under the Biden presidency in particular.

Pham Vinh Ha


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