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Workshop on era of comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and Korea: Strengthening common understanding on cultural policy


On July 4, 2023, the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) in collaboration with the National Research Council for Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities of Korea (NRC) organized a Workshop on the topic : Vietnam - Korea: Strengthening common understanding of cultural policy. The conference takes place in both formats: Live in Seoul, South Korea, and Webinar online via the Zoom platform.

Dr. Dang Xuan Thanh, Vice President of VASS speaking at the Workshop

Speaking at the Conference: Dr. Dang Xuan Thanh, Vice President of VASS stated: Over the past 30 years, Vietnam - Korea relations have developed rapidly and effectively, cooperating in all fields including politics - diplomacy, security. - defense, economy, culture, on bilateral and multilateral relations. Up to now, the relationship between the two countries has moved from "overlapping interests" to a higher level, which is "interwining interests"; With the continuous strengthening of bilateral and multilateral cooperation frameworks and institutions, deepening trust, deepening people-to-people ties, the Vietnam-RoK relationship has more and more opportunities. develop. However, there are still many limitations in academic exchanges, especially in the fields of social sciences and humanities, so the workshop is important for the two sides to have the opportunity to further enhance mutual understanding. in research as well as have the opportunity to suggest new directions of cooperation, contributing to strengthening the relationship between the two countries in the coming time.

Professor Kim Seong Beom (NRC) speaking at the Workshop

Accordingly, with discussions to discuss in depth issues such as: Strengthening mutual understanding of Vietnam - Korea's marine culture; Culture of island residents of Vietnam - Korea: Perspectives from the practice of religion and beliefs of Ly Son island residents, Hallyu influence (Korean wave) in Vietnam: A case study of Vietnamese youth Male; The formation and development of the Korean wave (Hallyu); The direction of cooperation in the cultural industry between Vietnam and Korea; ; East Asian history education in Korea; Cultural exchange between Vietnam and Korea from a historical perspective… the scientists of the two sides had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of many cultural colors between Vietnam and Korea along the long history of the whole history. past and present, cultural acculturation, the impact and influence of contemporary cultural trends, the influence of the Industrial Revolution.4.0 on cultural life, thought, opinion and practice are also discussed. The delegates discussed in depth to find out the similarities and differences in cultural interaction and exchange.

Dr. Vinh Tuong Phi (VASS) spoke at the Workshop

Assessing the potential for cooperation, the delegates all said that the people-to-people exchanges between the two countries are increasingly vibrant, which is the basis for promoting the development of cooperative relations in the economic fields. culture, education and locality. According to statistics from the Korea Immigration Department, currently, the Vietnamese community in Korea has more than 230,000 people, including workers, married migrants, interns and graduate students, and relatives. The Korean community also has 200,000 people working and living in Vietnam. More than 60 provinces and cities in Vietnam have signed 76 cooperation agreements with the respective localities of Korea.

The above data has contributed to confirm that the state of intertwined interests between the two countries in terms of culture - economy - society has become more and more profound at both the state, business, and human levels. The successful cooperation between the two countries in the current period has brought a new position to both countries in regional and world forums, helping to strengthen each country's position in the overall foreign relations as well. as in the group of middle-class countries that are joining hands to maintain the vitality of multilateralism in contemporary international relations.

Overview of the Conference in Korea

In addition, the potential for comprehensive and bilateral cooperation and a full awareness of cultural policies will greatly support the two sides' continued exploitation and search for more direct exchange opportunities. communication through academic forums, research cooperation, education and training...adding fundamental and sustainable values ​​to the economy from the perspective of human resources/labor, value chain/supply chain as well such as technology transfer, trade balance, towards the common sustainable development of both countries.

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