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International scientific workshop“Financing for social security under aging society:Sharing Japan’s practical experience”


Within the framework of cooperation activities between the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA),on the morning of October 9th, 2019, at the headquarters located at No.1 Lieu Giai Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, the Institute for Africa and Middle East Studies in collaboration with JICA Office in Vietnam organized an international scientific workshop to share Japan's practical experience onfinancing for social security under aging society with the participation of leading Japanese experts and Vietnamese researchers.

Attending the workshop was: Mr. Naomichi Murooka, Deputy Chief Representative of JICAVietnam Office, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Phuoc Minh, Director of the Institute of African and Middle East Studies, Prof.Dr. Eiji Tajika, Professor of Hitotsubashi University, and representatives of functional departments, VASS specialized research institutes.

Chairing the workshop (from left to right): Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Phuoc Minh; Prof.Dr. Eiji Tajika; and Mr. NaoMichi Murooka

Over the past years, theVietnameseParty and State havealways paid attention to leading and directing the formulation and implementation of social security policies, ensuring social progress and equality, considering as both a goal and a motivation for sustainable development of the country.All levels of authorities, sectors, socio-political organizations, the business community and workers have actively implemented the Party's guidelines, the State’s policies and laws on social insurance including coverage for retirement, death, sickness, maternity, industrial accident, occupational disease and unemployment, which has been gradually improved, consistent with the national reality and international practices.

Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences is the leading research institution in Vietnam, with many research projects, many workshops, workshop’s discussing social security, consulting and criticizing many guidelines and policies aim to ensure the social welfare of citizens, creating driving forces for growth and sustainable development.

In the opening speech at the workshop, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Phuoc Minh Tuan warmly welcomed the attendance of delegates and stressed that social security policies and payments serve as the mainstay, providing a replacement or compensation for workers’ income when they face risks in their life.Besides, he also pointed out many shortcomings in the making and implementation of social security policiesof Vietnam in management and financial mechanisms, as well as the apparatus for administering social security, which has a significant impact on growth and sustainable development.

Panorama of the workshop

Making a speech at the workshop, Mr Murooka Naomichi, Deputy Chief Representative of JICA Vietnam Office expressed his pleasure and willingness to share Japan’s experience in social security to give advice and support for the draft the Socio-Economic Development Strategy for 2021-2030 and the 2021-2025 Socio-Economic Development Plan. Priority advisory research topics for the 2021-2030 Socio-Economic Strategy towards financingforsocial security and urban - national development plans in population aging society.Thereby, he hoped that the speaker discussions would further clarify the topicof the workshop, the VASS would show its effective contributions to the socio-economic development in the coming years.

The workshop received 03 presentations from the speakers (Assoc.Prof.Dr. Giang Thanh Long, National Economics University; Prof.Dr. Nguyen Huu Minh, VASS; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Phuoc Minh). The workshop’s discussion focused on ensuring resources for social security, especially the expansion of social insurance participants, mobilizing resources from the private sector and social partners to cover more people by social security policies. There remain many shortcomings in the formulation and implementation of social security policies.The policy and law system on social insurance has yet to keep up with socio-economic development, population aging and the appearance of new labour relations. Accordingly, the current social security policies haven’t been truly aligned with the labour market as they mainly focus on the formal sector while lacking due attention to the informal one (where labourers are more vulnerable),solving unemployment benefits, and not paying attention to preventive measures according to international practices.The social security assurance regimes have not fully shown the principles of contribution-receipt, fairness, equity, sharing and sustainability.

The delegates took a souvenir photo

The workshop is a useful academic exchange forum between researchers of the two countries, based on the sharing of valuable experiences from Japanese practice. Vietnamese experts and scientists will deepen the study on social security to propose optimal solutions for policy-makers, contribute to ensuring financial security to deal with population aging, towards sustainable development in the future.

Nguyen Thu Trang



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